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City of Heroes/Villains Emulator

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#1 shadowrex   Members   -  Reputation: 100

Posted 23 November 2006 - 10:11 AM

The previous thread I started turned into more or less a argument on legalities. This thread is for the sole purpose of trying to find interested developers. Please take your time and read everything listed here carefully. Team name: There's not really a team name, however people refer to to us as the COHEmu Team... Project name: The current project name is COHEmu, there's currently no plans to change the name. Brief description: The project has been ongoing for over a year now (1 year in the summer of 2006). There's no deadlines to be met, however the current team would like to push things forward as fast as possible since alot of time has been wasted with members slacking off and disappearing time after time. People that want to help must be serious about it and not just up and leave. We've been through that already and has just set things back. The team is just about complete the map walker. They've completed Authentication, Login, Account Verification, and Character Creation. Target aim: The aim is to provide a freeware server emulator for a popular game called "City Of Heroes" and "City Of Villains" Compensation: Unfortunately we can't afford to pay someone to help, a valid candidate must love and want to code as the rest of the team does. Technology: Target platform(s) will be Windows and *nix Talent needed: We need people proficient in C++ People who can use a debugger like GDB People who can read/analyze/reconstruct low level code. Team structure: The development team is currently: Malign, Nemerle, and PaulTech. There were a few others; however, thier status is unknown they simple just vanished one day... I'm currently part of the recruiting team. I search for new talented programmers and reversers. The guys have been through alot of rough times be it hurtles in code to people leaving the team. Website: You can reach our exsisting forum here: http://forum.cohemu.net Contacts: You can reach any of the developers through a PM on our forums or join our IRC. Additional Info: Further details will be handled later. Feedback: Positive feedback is welcome. And of course constructive critisism. Here's a quote for what we're looking for from one of the deleloper members: "We are in great need of developers. Our codebase is becoming quite large and difficult to manage. We need people proficient in C++, people who can use a debugger like GDB and people who can read/analyze/reconstruct low level code. If you can do any of these and have some free time to join a decent and friendly team, we will welcome you. If you are a proficient developer worried about coming into a project already in the works, you need not worry. We are well equipped. We make use of version control via Subversion, we utilize an internal Wiki for design models and ideas and we also have a Unix development server with all the development tools you would want (GCC, GDB, SVN, Valgrind, CMake and many more tools to satiate your desires.) We can also install any additional tools you may want or need upon request. Send us a private message via the forum or drop by IRC and talk to nemerle, paultech or myself." If you need details on how to contact the team, please don't hesitate to pm me and I will get you connected to them. PLEASE, only serious applicants apply. We're not looking for one-timers that come and go. If you got what it takes, drop me a line or navigate through the forum to get ahold of the development team. Thanx for your time


#2 shadowrex   Members   -  Reputation: 100

Posted 25 November 2006 - 10:31 AM

Is no one interested? If you don't want to be part of the development team, the project is open source. The developers appreciate any contribution.

#3 shadowrex   Members   -  Reputation: 100

Posted 11 December 2006 - 08:00 AM

bumped in hopes of finding more developers

#4 TKE Super Dave   Members   -  Reputation: 182

Posted 11 December 2006 - 08:23 AM

Just to give you advice for posting help wanted adds in this forum. To a game developers it is not recommended that you talk alot about how people have come and gone on the team and how it has affected development. It makes your team sound as though people are not dedicated to the project and the fact that the team is already disheartened by such acts make most developers shy away from a team that they feel has no joy for their project. Also you might want to try and give a better description of what you are looking for the person to do. As I understand your post you look like you are looking for someone to debug and clean up code you have already worked on. If this is what you need you need to make that more obvious, if not you need to explain more profficiently what you are looking for. Also saying that their might be legal troubles with what you are doing will make most game developers not even think of working on such a project as they wish not to get sued. I have no desire to work on your project but I thought I'd give you some pointers on how you might be able to find more interested applicants.

Old topic!
Guest, the last post of this topic is over 60 days old and at this point you may not reply in this topic. If you wish to continue this conversation start a new topic.