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Digital Arrow - Looking for C++ Programmers (Gameplay/Systems)

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#1 DigitalArrow   Members   -  Reputation: 108

Posted 16 March 2011 - 08:33 AM

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If you’re looking for work that will challenge and inspire you, a job that will offer tremendous personal and professional growth, then Digital Arrow is the right place for you. We are always seeking experienced and talented individuals to expand our ranks. You will work with talented, passion driven, creative people, and together you will create cutting edge entertainment experiences. We are people who come to work every day with new ideas. We believe that creating a diverse workplace helps us attract the best talent and foster creativity.
Introduction and the About the Project

'Dilogus - Winds of War' is a third person, High Fantasy, RPG-action game that immerses players in the awe inspiring fantasy world of Dilogus, allowing them to experience it from multiple perspectives of six unique characters in both single player and co-operative multiplayer modes. Being a fantasy, pseudo-action RPG, we aim to immerse the player into a fantasy world, allowing them to play their characters in multiple ways. The open world features of the game fuel this option and makes sure the players have enough choices and places to explore.

While the game’s actual advancement system is planned to be a bit simpler than the usual RPG style, the main focus is placed into the actual interaction with the world and the combat system, making sure that both the single player and multiplayer experiences are equally enjoyable. Providing the players with six unique characters to start from ensures there is enough room for every type - as each character has it’s strengths and weaknesses.

We want to provide the players with the sense of presence in the world, therefore both audio and visual quality will stick to a high standard (that is still affordable and is realistic towards our incoming budget), while still leaving enough space for the story and gameplay aspects of the game. The actual story behind Dilogus - Winds of War has been developed and polished over years with multiple tests within various tabletop RPG game sessions , ensuring creativity and quality.

NOTE: The project completed pre-production and concept phase, thus we just started expanding our team. We are fully aware of the task and are one step ahead already with planning and management. Our project is highly anticipated by the Linux community.

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Target aim and Release Details

Release type: Retail
Additional release details: Our current plans is a Digital Release only. In the event of further investment or publishing deals, we might be looking into a hard copy release as well. Our release would be distributed through our website and possibly Steam.


Investment and sponsorships are currently still in the works, but anyone who commits any content towards the development of the game will be compensated when these occur. Due the fact that there are not too much serious game development companies in our region that are investing this much work and effort in a project, we have a good chance to receive the funding.

Until further capital investment is received, we shall document work hours and services provided. After the capital investment has been assured, We shall fully compensate everyone who invested time for his/her work and services according to the documented work hours, and provide regular salary from the date and on.

NOTE: Until a full salary is introduced, you are not obligated to invest a large number of work hours nor have to work full-time on the project IF you do not wish to. However due to the nature of the project, we need to hand out a basic contract that will secure our co-operation.


Dilogus - The Winds of War is developed using Unigine Engine technology, developed by Unigine Corp.. Unigine Engine is the perfect choice for virtual world and next generation rendering and thus it is the best pick for an open world based game. While our previous choice was UDK , it unfortunately does not satisfy our aims to release to the Linux platform as well.

Key features of Unigine Engine are as listed below:

  • Photorealistic 3D render
  • Powerful physics module
  • Object-oriented scripting system
  • Full-featured GUI module
  • Sound subsystem
  • A set of flexible tools

Programming on Unigine Engine, besides C++, is done through UnigineScript and , an easy to learn and is very powerful scripting language:

  • Object-oriented programming
  • Easy to learn language (similar to C++ in syntax - therefore C++ programmers would familiarize themselves with it fast and easily)
  • Transparent interconnection with external C++ objects
  • Built-in fast 3D math (vectors, matrices, and quaternions with all corresponding functions)
  • Built-in debugger and performance profiler
  • More than 4000 useful functions out-of-the box

Our target platform is the PC - Linux and Windows, and due the well optimized engine we can easily support the native Linux client.

Posted Image

Talent needed: Programmers with decent C++ knowledge

Due the fact that we have recently entered full scale development, we are looking to expand our team with up to three individuals that would be handling programming, most notably gameplay and system programming. The role of these two programmers would be to join our current core and develop our first running internal prototype and essentially become part of the projects core.

Your tasks are going to revolve around developing the base of game systems and basic gameplay elements regarding them such is an inventory system with objects, a conversation system with NPC characters (possibly through database control), handling day/night cycles or the very basics of the combat system. It's important to keep in mind is that our aim is to create most of the systems in their very early form and this is where You would come in. A rundown of requirements that are highly anticipated, but can be discussed in case you would like to know more, or are unsure about some points:

  • Knowledge of C++ a must
  • Ability to adopt specific scripting methods relevant to engine technology (Unigine Engine)
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Must be able to take instruction well and work to mutually agreed deadlines
  • Creativity and problem solving skills required
  • Patience, tenacity and a positive attitude a must
  • Must speak English fluently and be of legal age in your region (18+/21+,etc - Important because of the contract)


  • Strong OpenGL programming experience
  • Strong understanding of Modular Programming is a big plus
  • Familiarity with the Linux platform
  • Strong 3D math knowledge (vectors, matrices, quaternions) is a big plus
  • GMT +1, GMT or GMT-1 Timezone for enhanced communication
  • Good understanding of the RPG genre including game systems, object ID based equipment and procedural algorithms
  • Unigine experience/familiarity is a big plus
  • Knowledge of Redmine task tracking
While the pluses are not required, they are highly anticipated. Keep in mind that people on our team are all very capable in their own field, and we would like to keep up with this fashion as much as possible. This does not mean that we will instantly reject less experienced programmers - especially if they wish to learn and improve. Professional attitude and maturity are however very important and are strong deciding factors.

Posted Image

Team structure

Below we list the core of our team and an overview of their roles. Keep in mind that our project was until recently in Pre-production and concept phase, therefore our team is yet to expand in some divisions. Keep in mind that this is only the core of the team and that we do not list outsourcing branches (which is mainly 3D and animation).

Ferenc Giric - co-founder of Digital Arrow, business negotiator, CFO and Branding Manager. He is the person responsible for our investment deal.
Norbert Varga - co-founder of Digital Arrow, project manager, CEO and Producer. In addition, handles game design on Dilogus - The Winds of War.
Matthew Eades - community manager at Digital Arrow, responsible for weekly development logs and active community updates and PR.
André Boström - 3D Artist
Mauro Lourenço - 3D Artist
JP Neufeld - Sound Artist and Sound Engineer
Johannes Barte - Concept artist
Robin Olausson - Concept artist
Kyle Wang - Concept Artist
Jonathan Bennets - Programmer and Linux Guru
Cassie Ewulu - Voice Actress
Max Gonzales - Voice Actor


Dilogus - The Winds of War on IndieDB - our official page on IndieDB.
Digital Arrow official site - currently under development.


Please send all applications to: jobs@digital-arrow.com
You can also reach us on Skype. Account: the.tripx

Previous work by team

Digital Arrow is currently working on a small game in the background, and it's planned to be released in about three months. It's main aim is to create a new movement concept in games. It can be viewed on IndieDB here.

Besides Momentum, most members on the team have serious individual experience. We'll list some.

Norbert Varga - Worked as lead level designer on Jeklynn Heights before Digital Arrow was formed. Portfolio can be seen here.
Johannes Barte - Worked on Paperworld. Portfolio can be seen here.
Robin Olausson - Portfolio can be seen here.
JP Neufeld - Worked on Solar 2. Portfolio can be seen here.
Kyle Wang - Worked at Capcom. Portfolio can be seen here.
Matthew Eades - Worked at BioWare on Dragon Age 2.

Posted Image

Any feedback is greatly appreciated and welcomed.

Thank for your your time to read this post. We look forward to hearing from you.


Digital Arrow


#2 rogerdv   Members   -  Reputation: 292

Posted 17 March 2011 - 12:37 PM

At last we know something about Dilogus! I will present my application today. In any case, I wish you the best with this project.

#3 nfries88   Members   -  Reputation: 259

Posted 17 March 2011 - 01:02 PM

This game sounds absolutely amazing. It's a kick to the teeth that even though I'm a C++ programmer with plenty of experience, that I bring nothing over your typical CS under-graduate to the table in this area. (I've never done anything with 3D graphics before, and am weak in 3D math*).

It sounds as though you've already got all of your conceptual stuff worked out; too, but feel free to contact me if you ever feel you need to bring in some fresh ideas. I'm full of them.

Good luck! I'll be tracking this project, I look forward to playing it.

* - that said, I do know of an free and open-source math library under a very closed-source-friendly license that provides functions for octonions, quaternions, and generic complex numbers. I've never used these functions personally, but I've used the library for other things.
Looking for paid or open-source C++ programming work. Been programming since 2005. No degree.

#4 DigitalArrow   Members   -  Reputation: 108

Posted 18 March 2011 - 06:13 AM

Thank you for your kind interest. We are always looking for people that are passionate about their work. We are still open for applicants, and we'll be reviewing all the applications in the time frame of seven (7) days.

This game sounds absolutely amazing. It's a kick to the teeth that even though I'm a C++ programmer with plenty of experience, that I bring nothing over your typical CS under-graduate to the table in this area. (I've never done anything with 3D graphics before, and am weak in 3D math*).

nfries88 - if you think you are decent in programming, you should still apply. We'll see what we can work out, and if you are willing to learn, maybe you'll get more into game development if you wish.

#5 ito123456789   Members   -  Reputation: 134

Posted 22 March 2011 - 07:39 PM

The project sound really interesting and promising, and while my native language isn't english and I have no "real world" experience (I'm a student right now), I'm still submiting my application. We need more game developers taking Linux seriously like you are doing. Good luck with the game!

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