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2D multiplayer tactics game looks for C# programmers

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#1 Lesan   Members   -  Reputation: 439

Posted 20 June 2011 - 04:52 AM

Project name: Stormwave (codename)

Brief description:
This is a 2D turn-based multiplayer tactics game. Players will meet in a lobby and play 1-on-1 games, and there will be a single player campaign available. The goal in each level – or online battle – is to eliminate the opposing army. You achieve this by moving your small squad of units, utilizing terrain, choke points, high ground, units’ special abilities and spell cards. I expect the project to be finished within a year.

Posted Image

Target aim:

You will receive no money.

C#/.NET is used for the entirety of the project. XNA is used for the rendering part of the client. The server will likely run on a Linux host, we will use Mono for this.

Talent needed:

C# Programmers
Your job will be to help me coding the game. Everything needs to be upgraded and new stuff needs to be done. You can help with client/server communications, front-end interface, game rules implementation, new features and fixing bugs.You will be able to choose what part of the program to help with. If you are a new, inexperienced programmer, you will be given help. The code is well-documented and maintained in an SVN repository. You are expected to document the code you create as well. I will answer any question you might have.

Team structure:

Petr Hudecek (myself) – Lead Programmer and Team Leader
Julian Biermann -- Programmer

Bartosz Styrna -- Writer
John Zdrojkowski -- Designer

http://stormwave.zymichost.com(forum only)

petrhudecek2010@gmail.com (preferred)
This site’s Private Message feature
A post on our forums at

Previous Work by Team:

Sacculus: The Wargame (A completed 2D turn-based strategy gamein a fantasy setting, http://sacculus.weebly.com)
Posted Image

Seven Crystals of Power (A completed game, runner-up in the 4e6 gamedev.net programming contest, amateurish graphics)

Posted Image
God, who is hated (A completed game, but a very poor one, one of my first completed creations, entered into the 4e5programming contest)

Besides these, I have many unfinished or unofficial projects, games and tools. If you really want to see them, send me a message.

Additional Info:
The game is currently just past its Milestone One.This means that the game client and server work. The client is capable of connecting and establishing a game. Player may take turns moving units and using attacks. Attacks deal damage and cause additional effects. Obstacles prevent moving and provide cover. Two units may gang up on an enemy to flank.However, so far, only one map and two units are implemented and a lot of features are missing. The game rules, so far, are very derivative of the 4e D&D combat rules.

I have a simple design document outlining what the game will look like in its final version. I will post some excerpts here (the spaces are messed up due to transfer from Word):

1. Overview

STORMWAVE (codename) will be atactical strategy multiplayer game. Players will use their accounts to log into a central server, and play duels against each other, and they will also beallowed to play a single player campaign against AI. A single duel or a levelin the campaign should take less than 30 minutes to play through. Each playerwill start with a certain number of units which he will move across a smalltile-based map in a turn-based sequence. Most units have two or more differentattacks and each attack does something different. In addition, to addrandomness to the game, players can cast "spell cards" that they drawrandomly from a deck. A player wins the game by eliminating all enemy units orachieving a special map-based objective. Players will be rewarded with rankingsand in-game currency for completing duels and levels.
Terrain. Terrainwill be of great variety in STORMWAVE. Correctly using the battlefield will bethe most decisive factor in games, even more important than actually using theunits well. It will be that many objects in maps can be manipulated. Forexample, you should be able to destroy put out a fireplace to cause darkness(that your low-light vision units can exploit), to pull a lever to erect abridge across an abyss, or to have a creature man a catapult present on the mapto fire cannonballs at the enemy (instead of attacking with that creature).

Besides such objects, there will be much variety ofmundane and fantastical terrain. Examples:

Difficult terrain: Rubble, undergrowth, tiles thatcost 1 more movement point to cross

Glass: Destructible, doesn't prevent line of sight butprevents movement and ranged attacks

Door: Acts like a wall but can be opened using a lever

Pillar of Life: Emits light. Causes creatures aroundit to slowly regenerate HP.

Magma Pool: Emits light. A chance that nearby unitsare hit by a fountain of lava. Nearby units are dealt damage continuously byheat.

Creeping Mold: May entangle anyone who stands on it.Proliferates and spreads on the floor during the game.

Also, altitude could have some importance in the game(yet to be determined).

A tilewould then have either the base altitude (z=0), lower altitude, or higher.Units on higher ground receive bonuses in attacks against enemies on lowerground and low units receive penalties against higher stationed foes. A higheraltitude may increase the effective range of a ranged weapon.


Posted Image

Posted Image

We will give programmers substantial freedom, but the game progress will be controlled. We will set our goals ahead of time and all work done by programmers (and other team members) will be centered around the next Milestone. This, I hope, will speed up the game’s progress.

I expect this game to be finished within a year. That said, it will be the largest project I’ve ever started. However, I have done a turn-based strategy before and I have a couple of multiplayer games lying unfinished in my Projects folder. Therefore, while I cannot give a guarantee that this project will be completed, I can at least say that it is quite likely.



#2 Zethariel   Members   -  Reputation: 310

Posted 20 June 2011 - 07:28 AM

Wow, pretty cool project. I would apply to the writer position -- I can see you are a well organised person who knows what he's doing. I would be fine with producing a few settings ranging from fantasy to sci-fi so you could choose the one that suits your tastes best and then expanding that.
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#3 Lesan   Members   -  Reputation: 439

Posted 22 June 2011 - 03:35 AM

Thank you for your interest.

And bump.

#4 Lesan   Members   -  Reputation: 439

Posted 27 June 2011 - 06:52 AM

All non-programming positions have now been filled. I am still looking for additional programmers.

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