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We need your help!

We need 7 developers from Canada and 18 more from Australia to help us complete a research survey.

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Need help for publishing pitch!

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#1 GiLa   Members   -  Reputation: 108

Posted 25 November 2011 - 05:07 PM

Team Name

Perceive Pleasure and Play (Unofficial)

Project Name

Oren (Subject to change)


At its core, "Oren" (as it is now called), is a 2D action-RPG with a large focus on the combat system. With gameplay being the one element that separates videogames apart from other artistic mediums, we see it necessary to capitalize on a game's main selling point. Videogames are meant to be fun. What better way to deliever this than through real player interaction?

Target Aim



We're currently scouting out publishing partners, so at this point, we need a little extra help to push for the initial pitch! Those that assist us up until that point will receive compensation for the amount of work that they put into the project; a sort of "Thanks for the help!". Those that decide to stick with us, however, will be payed per asset. (NOTE: This is after funding is received!) Details will be worked out privately ^ ^



Talent Needed

-Sprite Artist/Tile Artist

-A.I. Programmer

-Sound Designer

Team Structure

Quentin Martin: Game Director

Dario Seyb: Lead Programmer

Nick Lawrence: Junior Programmer

Blair Ceradsky: Lead Artist

Trey Montpetit: Designer

Jeremiah Pena: Composer

James Gifford: Concept Artist




E-mail: aargon562@hotmail.com

Skype: quentin.smith7

Additional Info

We're looking for dedicated members who wish to stick it through until the end!

This is a serious project. Everyone on the team is looking to advance this into a full-blown career, so we hope the same could be said for any and all applicants!

Please don't apply if you neither have the skill, nor time that this project requires. Sorry if that sounds harsh!


Any and all feedback is appreciated!


Video -

----Short video showing some of the game's features. This is not a good representation of the final game, nor does it represent all that the current build entails. This was an effort to show off the game's lighting and flame particles. There is much more to the game than what is shown here. Just keep that in mind ^ ^

Note: We suggest watching it in fullscreen!

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image


#2 Matwek   Members   -  Reputation: 121

Posted 26 November 2011 - 06:09 AM

When you say "Payment will rely on work-load throughout the development period!" do you mean you will get paid a precentage share of the profits depending on the amount of time and work you put in? Or do you mean getting paid upfront as each piece of work is completed.

#3 Dannthr   Members   -  Reputation: 482

Posted 26 November 2011 - 10:06 AM

All of the team members you're seeking are 100% of the team members required to produce a game. So, what exactly are your current team members doing besides being leads? Are they making a game?

It would seem to me that you guys have enough of a team already to get started--if you can't get started with the people you've got, then those people aren't capable of being leads and I can't help but wonder what they're doing there...
- Dan Reynolds (Composer|Music Implementer)

#4 jtagge75   Members   -  Reputation: 139

Posted 26 November 2011 - 04:39 PM

You're wrong, but let me tell you why. You're making a huge generalization across the whole of game development by stating that the people already on this team are sufficient enough to develop a game on our own. In actuality, you have no idea of the sheer scope of our game, so for you to tell us who we do and do not need is completely ignorant. Your second assumption is that this recruitment is for "getting started", when this is not the case. This post is to strengthen our team and to speed the development process up to a more desirable rate. In case you haven't noticed, we're developing an Open-World RPG (look at the title). This requires a large number of skilled individuals. To say that a single artist can produce all of the environment art, all of the monster animations, all of the character animations (don't forget animating the different equips), the User Interface, the dungeonart, the particle effects, and anything else you would find in a standard RPG, you really must have never developed a game in your life.

Going off on a wild tangent like this and getting defensive instead of just stopping at "we are looking speed up development of a in progress game" and ending with a personal attack shows you probably don't have the maturity level to see a large project to completion. You'll get much worse comments about your game then that before its through.

#5 Dannthr   Members   -  Reputation: 482

Posted 26 November 2011 - 11:37 PM

I came to a conclusion in regards to his experience in Game Development.

That's cute. I've been working in games for about 4 years. I've worked on games for Eidos, THQ, LucasArts, and plenty of game companies you've never heard of--on titles from little casual games for the iPhone, to games like Marvel Superhero Squad for the Wii.

The problem with a lot of start-ups lead by young or inexperienced game developers is that they often try to find their earliest rewards and success in getting more and more talent to join their project. This is an immature development model. To merely throw talent at the development cycle in its early stages is pointless beyond a certain threshold.

You are "in-progress," is this progress demonstrable? Or are you still designing?

You're requesting every discipline to assist you when you already have every discipline involved in the project as it is. Are these people already overloaded with work? Is there a need to produce more content, more rapidly than these people can provide? Or are you merely impatient, with the desire to accellerate your development because you're not happy with your current results? These are really important questions to answer for yourself and moreover, important questions when determining who is actually qualified to lead development in a discipline.

I have walked your path, I have been where you are, and I have come out through the other side. I did this over 6 years ago, when I was still in school.

I used to think that it should be the aspiration of every young game developer to try and make the "best game in the world" and fail. Because most game developers had that dream, and experienced that failure as a lesson.

But now it just seems to me like a misguided waste of energy, when you could be creating more focused and successful games. It just seems wiser for you to try one thing out at a time, rather than trying to tackle the whole world all at once.

So, I suggest working with what you have now. Working with a deadline to create a proof-of-concept before attempting to recruit anyone else. What can your team get done by New Years? If you can't get a working prototype out the door by New Years, you don't need more people. (At least not the broadband recruitment approach--maybe you need a better programmer)

Don't misjudge me, especially when you have no idea who I am or what sort of experience I could bring to a promising project (or anyone on this forum, for that matter). I don't have a lack of vision, I don't have a narrow scope of dream, I imagine games bigger and better than ever made--just like everyone else--but my experience informs me about the limitations we face in game development (both physical and monetary). It informs me about what CAN be done now, and what it takes to actually DO it.
- Dan Reynolds (Composer|Music Implementer)

#6 jtagge75   Members   -  Reputation: 139

Posted 27 November 2011 - 12:31 AM

What I posted wasn't a wild tangent, nor did it end with a personal attack. Just as you came to the conclusion in regards to my maturity level, I came to a conclusion in regards to his experience in Game Development. I was simply correcting his baseless assumptions, and it is hypocritical for you to judge me on that alone.

It was not my intention to come off as hostile, but I apologize if that were the case. I just wanted to point out the error of his ways, in hopes that he doesn't repeat the mistake of over-generalizing.

No hard feelings I hope.

Fair enough. Something that you will learn as you progress with your career is tact. Sometimes tone is hard to figure out just from words. But those same words are the only thing that other people have to go on most of the time. If I took your post as hostile when it wasn't intended that way then I'm probably not the only one. This thread is your gateway to getting help so you want it to be as positive as possible to get good people to join. "Less is better" is a rule to live by.

I looked at your site and it looks like you are making some good progress. You've got much more done then the usual post around here. I hope you can get your game finished.

#7 GiLa   Members   -  Reputation: 108

Posted 15 March 2012 - 07:56 PM

Many, many changes have been made, and progress has propelled us into an entirely different scope!

Check out everything in the OP.

It's quite a different game than when it started!

#8 GiLa   Members   -  Reputation: 108

Posted 19 March 2012 - 03:48 PM

Yuck, the links for the images were broken.

Hopefully I fixed it.

Sorry about that!

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