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Help Wanted - Space Bound

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#1 mpayne   Members   -  Reputation: 102

Posted 19 December 2011 - 03:02 PM

Name: Storm Cell Systems
Website:www.stormcellsystems.com.au (site is not live for the game design team)

Team name:

Storm Cell Systems

Project name:
Space Bound

Brief description:
Space bound is an open world space exploration/action sandbox. Players pilot ships in an open galaxy for various reasons. Some of which include missions, mining, pvp, exploration. They do this by developing a ship they pilot. There are different core hull types, along with wings and engines. Players are only required to have a bridge, core hull, and engine in order to function in this game. The purpose of this game is to give players a new way to view the galaxy.

Target aim:

potential retail - it is more of a collaboration project at this moment.


No compensation at this point in time.


PC is the target system, we are using the UDK as a core game engine, along with 3d modelling applications such as blender or lightwave. So long as the application has the ability to export to .ase.

Music Creator 5

Talent needed:

At this time we are concentrating on conceptual artists and sound effect artists. We are willing to interview anyone who applies, however keep in mind we do have a focus at this time. Feel free to pop your email over to use as soon as possible.

Team structure:

Founders -
Clint Hooper
Mike Payne

Concept Design -
Aaron Wines

3d animation lead -
Josh W.


www.stormcellsystems.com.au <- No Game design page as of yet.


You may email me at
Mike.Payne86@gmail.com for all questions, job inquiries.

Previous Work by Team:

None of this team, 2 of our members have experience.

Additional Info:


Open ended space sim/exploration including the following:
  • PVP and non PVP areas
  • Customizable ships
    • 3 main types of ships – all customizable
    • Each ship has full control of power systems and shielding
    • Ability to redirect the systems as needed
    • Can change the color of the ships
    • High warp animations
  • Open sandbox style map/open exploration of star systems
  • Guild systems
  • Players can farm on planetoids and asteroids, also obtain elements from nebulae
  • forge their own weapons / systems / engines

Current Phase:

Pre Production

The first step is to develop the concept of the game, concepts include
  • Document of how the game is
  • Played
  • Farming and forging X
  • Game play X
  • Mapping and courses X
  • Areas of PVP and Non-PVP X
  • Dangers of the expanse X
  • Ship customization X
  • Stations and exploration X
The Second step is to have the art department develop pre-concept art
  • Art that is required for the game
    • Space
    • Planets and star systems
    • Vehicle parts
    • High speed travel
  • Musical compensation and audio folly (sound FX) art starts at this time.




#2 advancedmusicsubstitute   Members   -  Reputation: 95

Posted 19 March 2012 - 10:19 AM

If you're looking for original music compositions, I'm available. Examples of my work are found via the link in my signature, and you can email me at advancedmusicsubstitute@gmail.com
http://www.soundclou...musicsubstitute Hear my tunes! Contact me with your project ideas if you want a custom score for your game. Don't settle for royalty-free repetition, get ORIGINAL, quality work!

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