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Starting a new Indie Studio. Looking for everyone!

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#1 rogerdodger91   Members   -  Reputation: 104

Posted 26 January 2012 - 06:17 PM

Team name:
To be decided on

Project name:
Still to be decided on

Brief description:
The game I imagine will be a physics based 2D platformer game that will be based on a kid who was genetically created as a super soldier with abilities to manipulate the elements around him, and also has abilities to do things like jump really far and use parkour. Combat will be very satisfying and have a fluid combo system. Being that this is just a very early Idea there is alot of room for creative input.

Target aim:

Retail. My aim is to create a game that will be released on as many platforms as possible. This includes the playstation suite that im currently beta testing for.

Compensation will follow under the following expectations. Being that this will be a start up company. About 30-40 % of the profits will go directly into a company that YOU will partly own if you earn it. This will allow budgets that will allow us to expand upon what is needed by whom to create an even more profitable product next.

With that said, the rest of the profits will be divided equally amongst everyone who worked hard to shape this project into a success. If you work hard, but have to drop out you will still get paid just compensation, but you will be paid as if you were an employee. Per work hour and quality of work provided to the team.

The entire philosophy of this project will be that we aim to expand and grow into a successful indie studio. A studio that listens to their fans and provides enjoyable experiences for everyone. A studio that will not shaft its employees after each project.

You will own a percentage of the company that if you choose to leave you will be required to give that up. So if two projects are being ran, you will profit from both even if you dont work on them. You will also own lifetime percentage of each project that will go with you if you leave the company.

More on business model will be discussed, but I assure you that this will be a business that if you work hard and you are loyal you will be very happy with the compensation. Everyones input will make a difference. This is a team. This philosophy will never change and will be the mantra that we will always follow by.
Currently I plan on implementing custom engines for each game. APIs will be Playstation Suite, XNA/SlimDX, SDL. The idea will be to put our games on EVERY console and platform. Perhaps not all at one time, but definitely try to make porting a main priority. Playstation Suite itself will be a huge market if we can get this project rolling NOW.

Talent needed:
Programmers, Artists, Ninjas. Emphasis on Ninjas. Seriously, if you are passionate about games, honest and dependable. Send me an email with things you think you could do to contribute. If we can use you. We will find a place for you on the team.

Team structure:
To be updated...

To be implemented...


Previous Work by Team:

Additional Info:
I would love to hear about YOUR game ideas. Everyone on the team will contribute to game design. It will be a democratic vote on what future projects will be, and what content the game will have in them. I understand this may be a very strange way to structure a business, but I believe that if we succeed together we can also fail together. Its important to note that some people might have better ideas than the current ones we have in place. And if that person can convince the other members then obviously its a great idea.

Also fan input WILL always be a major impact on design direction. And games will ALWAYS be affordable to everyone. Greed will not get us anywhere if its at the expense of our fan's satisfaction.



#2 advancedmusicsubstitute   Members   -  Reputation: 95

Posted 19 March 2012 - 09:53 AM

I am an electronic music composer of over 8 years and I am looking to get into scoring video games. I'd love to get started with a project from the ground up, so if you have the need for original music compositions (instead of lame, royalty-free rubbish) then hit me up. I can work in a variety of styles and the link in my signature has examples of my work. email: advancedmusicsubstitute@gmail.com
http://www.soundclou...musicsubstitute Hear my tunes! Contact me with your project ideas if you want a custom score for your game. Don't settle for royalty-free repetition, get ORIGINAL, quality work!

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Guest, the last post of this topic is over 60 days old and at this point you may not reply in this topic. If you wish to continue this conversation start a new topic.