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Looking For: Programmer

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4 replies to this topic

#1 Brett Staebell   Members   -  Reputation: 125

Posted 27 January 2012 - 04:37 AM

Team name:
Plebeian Games

Project name:

Brief description:
A turn-based strategy PC game with deep sci-fi roots and an advanced leveling system. The player goes through various missions across different planets, all the while gaining access to the units of opposing factions and building his own army through combat and important decisions.

Target aim:

Paid position - can compensate programmer generously at a rate to be determined before work starts in earnest. Email for details

PC release. We are hoping to eventually get the game on steam, but are willing to distribute it independently.

Talent needed:
One programmer needed. Deep knowledge of C++ a must with proven talent (ie game samples). The first chunk of the game has been developed with Blitzmax, but some of the limitations of this language are having us looking for a fresh start (Blitzmax-users still free to apply if they think they are capable). Any language is welcome so long as it lends itself to the genre.

Team structure:
We have a producer who has financed the game from the beginning, an excellent artist (http://franklin20uk.carbonmade.com/) who has already made all the unit models necessary for Chapter 1 (of 4), and a small design team mostly getting their feet wet with this, their first project. We also have a small team waiting to add sound once the engine gets to the appropriate stage.

http://astranima.net/ We have been working on building the infrastructure of the website and have prepared most of the graphics. We were hoping to wait for more progress to be made on the programming end before unveiling the working website, but will unveil it in the next few months regardless.

Interested parties should contact me at brett.staebell-at-plebgames-dot-com.

Previous Work by Team:
This is our first work.

Additional Info:
We have completed a HUGE design document that should keep any able programmer busy for a long time. We have the entire plot and every mission laid out in detail (down to the number of units) across all chapters. We have included many Bioware-esque decisions along the way, all with impacts that can resound many missions later and should ensure unique play. In short, there is an incredible amount of content waiting for a platform.




#2 sealfin   Members   -  Reputation: 248

Posted 28 January 2012 - 07:24 PM

I've sent you an email Posted Image
Mark Bishop
Freelance iPhone, iPod touch, & iPad developer

#3 Bronco78th   Members   -  Reputation: 136

Posted 29 January 2012 - 08:14 AM

Hey there,

Just thought I should point out taht you should perhaps chnage your team name.

'Pleb', is a slang/insulting term in the UK at least, for someone with Inferior intelligence - even though its actural meaning is a 'commoner' or soemone of a lower social class.

Just thought I should point taht out incase you were not aware.

Good luck with the project.


#4 Brett Staebell   Members   -  Reputation: 125

Posted 31 January 2012 - 05:29 AM

Sealfin: Got your email, thanks!

Bronco78th: Ah, good point! The full name of the team is actually "Plebeian Games," as in "Games by the People, For the People." Internally we often just use "Pleb" since that is a heck of a lot of vowels to put in the right order otherwise. Thank you! Edited! :)

#5 Brett Staebell   Members   -  Reputation: 125

Posted 10 February 2012 - 03:22 AM

The position has been filled - thank you, everyone, for your interest!

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