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Looking for someone to make a game with or study.

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#1 EddieV223   Members   -  Reputation: 1406


Posted 07 December 2012 - 08:11 PM

Hello, I'm looking for someone to either make a game with or to study directx.

If you want to make a game I have used Irrlicht 1.7 recently, and Ogre3D a while back.

If you want to study directx I have pdf books on it to study. I know quite a bit already, like transformations and things like that.

I can write pretty good c++ I just need experience in making games.

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// C++ Video tutorials



// Easy to learn 2D Game Library c++

SFML2.1 Download http://www.sfml-dev.org/download.php

SFML2.1 Tutorials http://www.sfml-dev.org/tutorials/2.1/


// SFML 2 book




#2 Poigahn   Crossbones+   -  Reputation: 520


Posted 08 December 2012 - 05:49 AM

I am not familiar with the above languages, ( Except for C++ although I don't you that for game programming - I use a hybrd )
But I would not mind bouncing some Ideas back and forth, Exchanging some code snippets. ( Fairly Certain I Could Translate to the language I use ).
Let me know and I will setup up an Email account specifically for this purpose and update my profile to reflect that Email account.
< My Personal email gets to many messages now >

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#3 xDarkShadowKnightx   Members   -  Reputation: 414


Posted 14 December 2012 - 08:02 PM

Would you be interested in making a game engine? (then a game with that engine) I've been using c++ for several months now, along with opengl. I've already got part of a 3D engine made but I abandoned it a while ago. Although I've started work on a new 2D engine. I've also been in the game development scene for about 2 years, hopping back and forth between several game engines and programming languages (c#, c++, javascript) PM me if your interested.


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#4 darkhaven3   Members   -  Reputation: 160


Posted 15 December 2012 - 04:42 AM

I may or may not be able to help you as far as code is concerned, as I am not a super-expert in my language of choice -- that is, plain C -- but you should definitely feel free to call on me if you would like a musician or a map designer to contribute to your project, Eddie.

This is an example of something I've designed, and the music I write ranges from extremely technical heavy metal to weird drone/ambiance stuff.

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Guest, the last post of this topic is over 60 days old and at this point you may not reply in this topic. If you wish to continue this conversation start a new topic.