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New Member With Short Question

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#1 Mr. Man   Members   -  Reputation: 109


Posted 21 April 2013 - 04:34 PM

Hey guys, I am very new here, registered about 10 min. ago, and was simply wondering one thing really. Tell me, game development, is this only a forum for game developments, or for modding actual games already made, if not made by you? If you guys do not support modding or anything, may somebody point me to a different site?


This site has a huge amount of various forums on here and for me, it is a bit confusing as to which I could post this question in, and or if modding is even supported, do forgive me if I oversaw something right in front of my eyes!


#2 L. Spiro   Crossbones+   -  Reputation: 14197


Posted 21 April 2013 - 04:39 PM

It doesn’t matter if you are making a game from scratch or modding a game, we answer questions about game development.


If you want to know about modding a specific game, you should go to that specific game’s forum or community website.



L. Spiro

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#3 Servant of the Lord   Crossbones+   -  Reputation: 20905


Posted 21 April 2013 - 04:43 PM

Anything programming-related, whether involving games, game mods, or computer software in general, can be posted in General Programming.

If it's game or mod specific (and doesn't apply to general programming principles), it can go in Game Programming. If you are new to programming, it can go in For Beginners.


Anything art related, whether involving games or not, can go in Visual Arts.

Anything game design related, whether involving new games, mods, or just pure concepts, can go in Game Design.

For recruitment for mods, games, or other projects, we have the Classified section.


As far as I know, we don't have a heavy modding community here, but we have a generally all-around technically-savy community here, working on all sorts of projects that usually (but not always) involve games. This includes a few mod projects that have recruited here in the past. For specific details involving a specific game engine that you're modding, we might not know the information off the top of our head, and it might be better to seek the community that's developed around the original game, but for anything else, this community is very friendly and knowledgeable as long as those coming for help first put in effort themselves before asking for answers. smile.png

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Old topic!
Guest, the last post of this topic is over 60 days old and at this point you may not reply in this topic. If you wish to continue this conversation start a new topic.