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Applying gravity on a mecanim animated character [UNITY]

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#1 Bubu Bhat   Members   -  Reputation: 117


Posted 30 May 2014 - 10:54 AM

I have a character which I've animated using mecanim and some MoCAP Files. The question is ow do you apply some basic physics to this character. As far as I know, animation overrides any default physics of the engine,  Here are 2 things that I tried :


  1. I used almost all sorts of colliders (Box Colliders, RigidBody systems etc..) and added them on my animated character. None helped.
  2. I created an empty gameobject and made my character a child of it, now I applied all my collider combinations once again on this gameobject - neither did this work

So now the problem is how do I detect collisions of other gameobjects (with rigidbody and box colliders added on them) with this character? And I need to apply gravity on this character somehow? Any idea on how gravity is applied on animated characters?

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