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Turn based RTS for beginners

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#1 RaoulJWZ   Members   -  Reputation: 478


Posted 01 July 2014 - 08:55 AM

Hey guyz,

I'm learning python language now. I'm not that far: Till now I can invent and make my own small text-based games with things like 

If, while, defenitons and things like random time, numbers. My goal is to create a time-based Strategy game. I know i have to learn a lot more first

and i know to that a Strategy Game as one of your first games is maybe not so smart, but if i learned some more, maybe i will try it once.

I'm learning from the http://inventwithpython.com/ book. I have a few questions:

1. Is python a good choice to make something like i want in the future?

if so:

2.If i finish this book and then the other book on the site about pygame to, should i then have the needed skills to make such a game or would i have to learn something more?

3. Are there any good tools or engines using python, which can help me make such a game. If yes: which one(s)


Thanks to you all! 

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#2 LennyLen   Crossbones+   -  Reputation: 3531


Posted 01 July 2014 - 11:10 AM

Ive never used Python myself, so I won't attempt to answer your questions, but I just wanted to point out that you can't actually have a turn based RTS.  The RT in RTS stands for real time.

#3 Dalphin   Members   -  Reputation: 176


Posted 01 July 2014 - 11:16 AM

Oh hehe that was stupid but luckily you changed it now

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#4 Shippou   Members   -  Reputation: 1467


Posted 01 July 2014 - 11:18 AM

You can make almost any 2D game with the Pygame library as long as it's not process intensive .


If you feel like diving head first into an engine, Panda3D uses Python scripts, however it can be very difficult for new folks to figure out how to use.

 I'd recommend just sticking to Pygame, as that library has everything you need to create a tick based real time strategy game.


 Edit: Some time down the road, you may want to try your hand at making 2D games in JavaScript / HTML5 .

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