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Drawing large landscape

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#1 IceCave   Members   -  Reputation: 159


Posted 13 August 2014 - 09:01 AM



I am working with the latest OpenGL "ES" - Version but I guess you can also refer to normal OpenGL 3/4.

I want to draw a really big 2D texture as big as possible as a landscape for a 2D-game.


However I don't really know how I could possibly reach the best performance for this task.

I decided that creating a tile-based-landscape is maybe a pretty good solution.


This is what I have tried so far:

=> Drawing every single tile by changing model matrix, texture nd other states and call the draw-function.

- Pro: Really basic, portable and expandable

- Con: Poor performance or a really small map


Other ideas I have:

=> Using a 1024x1024 framebuffer to draw all those single tiles on and draw those framebuffers on the screen.

- Pro: Basically the first idea with better perfomance (depending on the size of a single tile)

- Con: Maybe poor perfomance if there are dynamic background objects on the map, idk.


=> Using a fragment shader. Give him a texture-array with all tile-textures and an integer-array(texture-ids) to compute and draw the map dynamically every frame.

- Pro: Possibly really dynamic and easy

- Con: Maybe poor performance because the shader needs to be replaced every frame and back again, sending the whole map(integer-array) to the gpu needs maybe to much time and drawing the whole map maybe slows down shader.



This is a hobby project and I don't really have time besides work to experiement around with every idea I have.


What do you think is propably the best solution for my problem or do you have another idea?


Thank you very much in advance