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[OpenAL Soft] Sounds cut off randomly

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#1 Silverlan   Members   -  Reputation: 328


Posted 30 August 2014 - 05:35 AM

I'm using OpenAL Soft 1.16.0.

Everything's running fine, but for some reason my sounds keep getting cut off at either the beginning or the end (hard to tell). It's not really noticable for music and longer sounds, but it's a big problem for anything shorter than a second, e.g. footsteps:


The sounds themselves are definitely not the issue, I've grabbed the footstep sounds from another game for testing purposes to be sure and I've tried various different sounds from different sources.

It's not the format either, the same problem occurs regardless of whether I use .mp3, .wav or .ogg files.


What could be causing this problem?