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MicroWorld - unique logical game

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#1 XZelnar   Members   -  Reputation: 163

Posted 02 September 2014 - 01:54 PM

About the game:
MicroWorld is a unique logical physics game about electric circuits. It requires no previous knowledge to play - the basics are taught in tutorial. The aim is to create a deep, but easy to learn educational game. Apart from circuits there are liquid physics, and some puzzles combine the two. Although liquid graphics are temporary, physics behind it is already realistic-ish.
For now it is primarily a sandbox with a tutorial, but campaign is in the works.

screenshot_1.png  screenshot_2.png  screenshot_3.png

What's already done:

  • Sandbox
  • Temporary tutorial
  • Gameplay

What's to come:

  • A campaign
  • Better graphics
  • Music and sounds (They're partially there. Muted by default)
  • Full modability
  • Better liquids
  • Probably a better name

Download here
Note that this is only a beta. There will be bugs.
If you are getting a crash when entering tutorial:
Sometimes Windows will prevent dlls from loading. In order to fix this, go into "Components" folder. There should be 6 files. You'll need to unblock them. Open file Properties and click "Unblock" to do that.
PS. Although I try to stay true to physics, there are some components that are simplified to be more understandable. Some components don't have equivalents in real life, but are rather an implementations of a real life principles or more complex circuits.
Looking forward towards any feedback and/or bug reports!