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Where It all begins

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#1 BennyBoy161   Members   -  Reputation: 102


Posted Yesterday, 05:59 AM



I'm a Software Development student at the University Of South Australia *Waves*.


Its currently the Christmas break and I would like to dabble in some game development. I am competent in Java, Python and C++.


Where should I start, a good textbook perhaps? I would like to use C++ because of the memory management advantages, unless someone has a better idea language wise?





#2 Serapth   Crossbones+   -  Reputation: 5603


Posted Yesterday, 08:57 AM


 I would like to use C++ because of the memory management advantages, unless someone has a better idea language wise?






This is such a bizarre thing to say.  It's like saying "I'd like to drive a Corvette because of the transmission".  Without context, it's pointless.  Using something for a feature you may or many not need is also a bizarre criteria.  You are committing one of the greatest, and most common, sins of game programming... premature optimization.  Also throwing around terms like "better" when discussing programming languages is almost always a mistake, at least without a qualifier ( aka better at ______ ).





To your actual question at hand, think of your end goal and work back from there.  So instead think of things like:


  • platform you want to target
  • platform you want to write your code on
  • 2D or 3D?
  • game type/features/genre
  • where are you getting your art assets?  What's the pipeline like?


Then using that information it becomes easy to pick a library, which in turn dictates the language to you.  Which then makes it easy for us to make recommendation, for both learning resources and languages/SDKs if you are stuck.

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#3 Shippou   Members   -  Reputation: 1721


Posted Yesterday, 02:40 PM

To help you get better at programming - make the same game in all 3 languages !


Different tools are used for different purposes, and figuring out what "works best" in each situation is a great thing to know.



Using Python for 3D graphics rendering is not a good idea.

Using C++ for a typical 2D game is a huge waste of time.

Using Java to write simple game scripts is not a good use of resources.


Edited by Shippou, Yesterday, 02:42 PM.

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#4 Eck   Crossbones+   -  Reputation: 3098


Posted Yesterday, 10:56 PM

Start with the FAQ:



Since you're open to the suggestion of a new language, I'll recommend C# with Unity. But if you want to stick with C++, I recommend SFML. Find some tutorials you're happy with, and start tinkering around.


Once you decide on a language/engine, give this article a read. It explains which games you should make first and why.



Keep to simple projects at first. If you jump right in trying to make your dream game, you'll quickly get overwhelmed. Your poorly designed code will become a nightmarish labyrinth that will shatter your sanity.


- Eck

#5 BennyBoy161   Members   -  Reputation: 102


Posted Today, 02:21 AM

Great thank you all for your input and I will take it on-board smile.png  


I have had a look through the FAQ's I will go with a language instead of a development tool. As I want this to be an experience in honing my C++ skills whilst working on game development.


You raise a good point Serapth, I guess rookies are going to make rookie mistakes its how we learn.


I have decided to start a new C++ text book (as I wasn't very pleased with the one the Uni used) and go from there.


Thanks Shippou do you have a reference to comparisons so I can make an educated choice?


Sage words indeed Eck thanks.



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