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I am 21 years of age, with absolutely zero knowledge of Coding/Programming. HELP!

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#1 Camfitzsmith   Members   -  Reputation: 101


Posted Today, 02:53 PM

I have began the arduous task of trying to figure out how to get some traction in learning Game Development. I have fallen in love with the idea of making programs and games of my own from the ground up, my own "baby" if you will. I bought Sam's Teach Yourself C++ by Siddhartha Rao as a sort of stepping stone into it all, but as I soon found out C++ is not so complete noob friendly and I very quickly was underwater. 

After reading a few threads on gamedev.net's forums and I believe I've landed on Python as the language I would like to get started with. My main question I suppose is now what? College is not really an option, could anyone suggest an online site to begin with or perhaps even a really good textbook? Or any advice from people who have been in my shoes or anything really would be greatly appreciated.


#2 braindigitalis   Crossbones+   -  Reputation: 3839


Posted Today, 02:59 PM

Dive in the deep end.

Personally I learn best by example. Lots of open source games are written with pygame and python, where you can read and edit, and learn from the source.

Make a copy and break and fix it until it makes sense.

Good luck!

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#3 jacmoe   Members   -  Reputation: 738


Posted Today, 03:00 PM

I would probably hang out with the Panda3D community if I were you. smile.png

Joining a group of other people with the same goals/interest is always very motivating.

Panda3D is probably a good choice because it can be programmed in both Python and C++.

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#4 Avalander   Members   -  Reputation: 1257


Posted Today, 03:58 PM

Check out invent with python. There are three python books which you can read online totally free. Also, it teaches you with games as examples, so you'll be learning by doing games (very silly games, but still).

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#5 Tangletail   Members   -  Reputation: 423


Posted Today, 03:59 PM

It's possible without college... just frustratingly difficult as... a lot of details that you need to learn, isn't really easy to search for without knowing what the term actually is.


I wouldn't start with python however. It's not difficult. It's just not the best language to learn how to program a game with.


Try out Monogame, Unity, or the Unreal Engine. If you really need to go down to the basics.


I'd start off with buying a book that teaches you C. then try programming some simple terminal games. Like rogue likes, Dwarf Fortress, ect.


If you start with Python, I think there are some boards in the workshop that teaches it.

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