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How Do You Go About Your Game Design?

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#1 bhawk245   Members   -  Reputation: 141


Posted Yesterday, 11:13 AM

I've noticed there is a lot of discussion about designer's end results and how it effects their current game-play. It's great, however I feel we are missing out on some very important discussions about game design as a whole. The process of how you get there is just as important as your final decisions on design. I myself have my own style of going about things, but It leads to roughly the same outcomes. Sometimes even a change in the way you go about designing and the thought processes behind it can lead to things you never knew you could come up with. So, what is your design process like?


Here are some questions to help get the ball rolling:


  • What setting do you try and put yourself in? (listen to Music? Watch Movies? TV? etc?)
  • What do you physically do while you're designing? (Are you in front of the computer typing? Draw something? Write?)
  • How do you go about thinking when designing a game? (Game mechanics can be different than your storyline)
  • When you have a solid game mechanic or design aspect in mind, whats your steps to improving upon them?
  • How often do you go back to the drawing board after laying our a certain tree of mechanics and design aspects?

Game design is dynamic and every individual has their own style of getting from point A to point B. So don't limit yourself to the questions(you could even ignore them), include anything you deem is important to YOUR process. I'll be awaiting your answers :)


#2 Tom Sloper   Moderators   -  Reputation: 14488


Posted Yesterday, 01:43 PM

Here are some questions to help get the ball rolling:

How about telling us how you answer those? (To get the ball rolling faster.)
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#3 bhawk245   Members   -  Reputation: 141


Posted Yesterday, 02:02 PM


Here are some questions to help get the ball rolling:

How about telling us how you answer those? (To get the ball rolling faster.)



Much better idea  :)


Disclaimer: I'm a 21 year old Computer Science major with a minor in physics at a university in southern California. The extent of my game development experience is limited to 2 games that I designed and made in C# - a text adventure and a block breaker style game. This was about 9 months ago before i had to focus on C++ application - i did not stop designing however.


My process is day in and day out - whether i'm at work, school or at home my mind is always running on what I can do and how can I do it better this time. I have a notebook i use exclusively for all of my game concepts - story ideas - game mechanics. I'm not much of a drawer so I leave that until its time to hit the computer. I will typically watch movies or listen to a type of music that aligns with the general mood and idea that i'm after. For example, i'm working on a concept for a sci-fi rpg - i'll listen to the martian soundtrack, or eve-online -etc. When i think about game design i always have one thought in mind: go big or go home (i know, i need to work out of this). It leads to a lot of crazy ideas that are always out of reach for me in all reality. I'm not very good myself at going about improving a game mechanic from the design standpoint - I don't feel very innovative. I'm hoping some of your answers will be able to help me with that. But typically i go about it via a tree, i have the mechanic in the middle and I try to break down every aspect of that mechanic, then put subsequent ideas about improving the aspects of the mechanic versus the mechanic itself. I like to go to the core of whats going on and look there. I've definitely worked on something for 12 hours and scrapped it all because i didn't like the direction it was taking. I think this is a big aspect of my design process that holds me back a bit, but also allows me to improve upon the design. Although, if you're always scraping and improving and never finishing a final product, whats the point, right?  :cool:

#4 estevan95   Members   -  Reputation: 111


Posted Today, 09:08 AM

Two weeks ago, I had a dream about a game. It lasted like... 10 seconds. I got really hyped.

I wrote a quick GDD to organize my ideas and... programmed 5k lines of code in 10 days (2k in the first two days).

I created my own procedural map generation algorithm and started doing some pixel art (I never ever worked with art before).

In the end, my subconscious mind was not very good at game design. My game developer friend told me it was not fun to play. I took his opinion as the only opinion in the world and stopped doing it.

I do not recommend this game design approach. xD


Oh, it was a Tiled-Biomes-RPG-RogueLike-Survival game. Here's a picture.



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