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#4904056 LaTeX - based equations in gamedev.net forums

Posted by on 18 January 2012 - 01:53 PM

You may use the eqn tag and wrap it around single or multi-line LaTeX formulas now:

#4798799 Thumbs up, bro!

Posted by on 15 April 2011 - 08:58 AM

Adding a new feature means manpower that isn't being spent on addressing bugs, unless you have infinite manpower, which I know is not the case with this site. I'd much rather you focus your efforts on restoring the forums to working order than uglifying the front page. We're talking about usability issues that concretely affect the quality of the forums. The lack of updates in viewing user content means that fewer follow-ups on posts occur. This is a bug that was filed in early January. You know, right after the new software launched. The loss of bookmarks means that many people can no longer find quality content that's been buried by the site's new obsession with showing only new crap. Again, a day one issue.

Also, you're also acting as if new bugs aren't being introduced as these new features go in. Have you noticed yet that post ratings haven't been showing up properly on individual posts? I doubt it, because no one has bothered to look at new issues in the tracker in a couple weeks. So you've fixed about 15 bugs in the last half month. That would sound more impressive if there weren't at least 20 unfiled issues in the problem tracker's bug report section. I'm sure some are duplicates, but it still doesn't sound like any actual progress is being made here.

And then there are the features that you've taken money from users for and still haven't delivered on, which is just bad ethics. See complaints made in the GDNet+ discussion.

The tracker is going to be phased out - we are currently working on all issues out of JIRA because it is a lot more feature complete than the tracker. Bugs are still submitted to the tracker but are just being copied over to JIRA. Kevin said he will see if it's possible to at least send an email back saying that the feedback was received.

"Active Content" contains everything posted within the last 24 hours. We've worked on both Active Content and VLC, put them up on the top of the page under the header - even submitted patches to invisionpower to have them fix it. We've fixed a huge number of problems since the relaunch so I'm not sure what you are referring to if you are implying nothing is getting fixed.

#4798780 Thumbs up, bro!

Posted by on 15 April 2011 - 08:11 AM

I don't mind how big the "Like' button is, but I do mind it's color. Hardly anything on the front page is green, mostly it's all blue.
The like button should be a subtle shade of blue also, so it blends better with the page: visible but not disruptive.


Posted Image

Also, on the news feed, the articles from "http://www.gamesindustry.biz/" you have to register on their site to read. Please don't link to news sites on the front page that require registration. (same comment also submitted to the issue tracker)

On the plus side, your targeted ads are getting better/more relevant. Posted Image

That looks pretty good. I think that could work color-wise.

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Posted by on 13 April 2011 - 07:45 AM

Is there anything that can be done about getting the same story imported from multiple different sources, or is that something that will be left up to community moderation?

It's also pretty annoying when a story has no further information on the "read more" page, and visiting the actual site reveals a login is required to view the full story. Given the new direction I assume you probably want to still list those items, but could something be added to the UI to indicate that this is the case before having to click through two sets of links (one to "read more", one to visit the actual site), even if it's done by manually listing those sites as being treated differently?

Looking forward to seeing how the new system goes, 'though I'm still not really a fan of how in-your-face the voting UI is.

One tip. click on the top stories dropdown since as people begin to vote / view particular stories that list will change. One of the things I have to add is link tracking as well to find out what stories people are visiting the most.

For now we're trying to come up with a best approach to deal with story duplicates.. I think community moderation will probably be used ultimately though. Maybe a "duplicate" link? I think the login site you are talking about is gamesindustry.biz. Those types of sites might also need to be tagged for "login required" or something. This is iteration #1 and will be improved over time. Right now we are trying to streamline our site and make it more industry relevant.. so you are going to see a different Gamedev.net as time goes on where content has to be easier to create and moderate. It became pretty clear that making people jump through a lot of hoops to do things like create an article will never yield as good of a result as letting people have their own blogs and just picking out the ones that look good. The rate of journal entries far exceeds the rate of article submissions.

Ultimately our hope is to get to a point with news that we can begin to create areas of the site that are much more current in providing information to you. So if we had an XNA "hub" of sorts you'd get XNA related news, articles, etc. from around the net without having to wait for users here to come up with the original content. Then we can use our forums and blogs here as a way for people to locally discuss the content area.

Consider this a first step and one that we'll learn from and adapt to make it work for our community. But we reached a point where we think it's more valuable to have a variety of news sources.