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Ramblings of a partialy sane programmer > Choosing a platform for software

Posted 23 July 2014

One thing I have noticed over the years is that software development is becoming ever more fragmented. When I say fragmented I mean the platform choices are expanding rather dramatically. Years ago if you wanted to develop a piece of software you mainly had one choice the desktop. Whether it was a game or a software application you built it for the des...

Ramblings of a partialy sane programmer > Java 8 very interesting

Posted 16 July 2014

This is a rather short blog post. I have had some ideas for a project recently with some of the various endeavors I have been contemplating.

One of these endeavors is either a desktop application or web application not sure which but I think it makes more sense as a desktop application due to it's purpose.

When I was thinking about the project I new...

Ramblings of a partialy sane programmer > On IDE's and Editors

Posted 05 June 2014

The development environment predicament has been a on going thing with developers for years. Constant arguments over the smallest things such as programming languages, version control tools, even the great editor wars. I find it quite intriguing how much developers really like to argue over petty things as it can be quite amusing to read many of the bas...

Ramblings of a partialy sane programmer > Piecing together a development environment

Posted 12 May 2014

It has been a while since my last post for good reason I have been mighty busy. Now that things have settled down I have finally gotten the chance to start to piece together my embedded development environment. Embedded development is a quite an interesting beast in that many of the development concepts are quite behind standard desktop development. Ov...

Ramblings of a partialy sane programmer > Just got my new toy in the mail

Posted 25 March 2014

Hey guys it has been a while since my last post. So I would first like to give a few little updates to what I have been upto.

First and foremost my attempts to get back into game development was a total fail. It just did not work out. I was starting then I lost interest quickly and proceeded to get slamed into the dirt by massive ammounts of school wo...