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Looking for someone willing to do a informational interview for me

24 June 2014 - 05:47 PM

Hello GDNet,


For one of my courses in school I need to do a informational interview with someone who works for a company that deals with something related to the field I am looking to get into.  My degree program is in Information Systems Security and being that my networking and search for someone has been quite difficult I figured I would give a shot and ask here.


Essentially I need someone who manages a server type backend for a company like a System Administrator who is willing to answer about 10 brief questions which will relate to your occupation.


If you are interested please send me a private message your help would be much appreciated.  I really wish they gave me more time to do this darn interview it is a short final week and we did not know what we would have to do till yesterday and must be submitted by thursday.


So when or if I get a PM I will send the questions to you and they should not take long at all to answer.


I appreciate any help anyone can give.


PS. I already have the questions drawn up to ask so I am already ready on my end.

Looking for a Physics Simulation/Rendering Engine

24 February 2014 - 05:33 AM

Hello Everyone,


I am kind of in a rock and a hardplace really at the moment.  First and formost I think I should better explain what I am looking for and state that I really do not have the time to build this myself due to not really knowing the fine detail of putting together a basic rendering engine and not even having any experience in the D3D/OpenGL world so I am looking for an alternative.


I am working on a project which needs to be simulated.  This is not a game project.  Essentially I need to take a 3D model which has basic animations and I need to put it into a rendering engine.  Once in the engine I need to be able to apply weights, directional, and thrust values to various peices of the model.  Then I need to simulate various actions through some sort of scripting system.


Sorry the requirements are kind of specific but think of it like this.  Say I need to simulate a rocket.  I would need to be able to place the rocket in a scene and apply a weight value to it.  Then I would need to apply thrust values to the engine and maybe environmental factors like wind speed and direction so I can simulate then observe and collect various peices of data like flight trajectory, height, speed, etc....


Anyone know of any engines out there which can be easily scripted or modefied to set this sort of stuff up?  I can't really find any software out there as I do not quite know what to search for.  So I figured I would ask the wonderful people here.

Book Recommendations for UDK

17 June 2013 - 03:52 PM

Hello Everyone,


I have a choice to make and the choice ultimately was between D3D, OGL, or UDK.  I have tons of programming experience so this is a non issue.  Due to the very low level nature I think ultimately I will put D3D and OGL on the side even though I know I can learn them relatively quickly.  If you can program for an embedded micro controller you can learn anything and I can program 2 different micro controllers in assembler and C.


So for my next project I decided to use UDK.  The tools look amazing with so many features why should I write my own.  As I said programming is my strong point so UnrealScript should be easy to pick up on.  My real issue falls under learning to utilize all these tools they supply for the engine.


This leads to my question... Does anyone have any experience with the various books out there for UDK.  I do understand quite a few of them are probably outdated.  I am not looking for a book on Modding UT3.  I am looking for a book that covers the tools in such a way that I can make a custom game.  The book does not need to be hugely detailed as the documentation supplied by Epic can fill in the gaps.  I saw one book that covers UnrealScript so with good reviews but I do not think it covers the rest of the system.  Any suggestions?

Moving a variable in a equation question

15 March 2013 - 09:54 AM

Ok this is probably a really dumb question but I have been trying to do this for a while but every time I do I keep on failing to get a - 1.


So here is how I got to where I am at now...


Vout = Voltage Output

Vref = Applied voltage

R = variable resistor

ADC = value generated by a Analog to Digital converter.


Vout = R / ( R + 10k ) * Vref   // Here the Voltage Output is the voltage after going through a voltage divider


ADC = ( Vout / Vref ) * 1023




ADC = { [ R / ( R + 10k ) * Vref  ] / Vref } * 1023


gives us


ADC = [ R / ( R + 10k ) ] * 1023


After doing the math I am getting


R = 10k / (1023 / ADC)


The issue is with the equations I find online they are giving


R = 10k / (1023 / ADC - 1)


I can't for the life of me find where this - 1 is comming from.


Any thoughts?

Considering move to C++

13 December 2012 - 07:38 AM

This is probably a rather pointless topic but I will go for it anyway and see where it goes.

Many here know I am a huge proponent of C. As of late I am considering a move to C++ due to some of the C++ 11 features. One such feature is std::unique_ptr.

Keep in mind I am not a huge proponent of OOP way to easy to abuse and mangle the ability to maintain code. What other advantages besides the obvious would I gain?