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Indisputable Tales of Interest > /facepalm

Posted 14 November 2008

Computer games are made up of thousands of computer codes!

Indisputable Tales of Interest > Baby Steps

Posted 06 October 2008

Holy crap, an update! I haven't had much to say lately because work has been draining my urge to work on personal projects, but I have a few things in the works that may or may not see the light of day.

So, the subject of today's entry is multithreading. Multithreading is no longer the wave of the future, it's here and it's not going away. As such, I...

Indisputable Tales of Interest > ...

Posted 14 July 2008

Making games would be great if it weren't for the people that played them.

For real.

Making games is great. And I know that most gamers (around here at least) aren't a bunch of 13 year old fan boy douche bags. But come on. Really.

Indisputable Tales of Interest > Stuff

Posted 27 April 2008

Graduation was today. I still have a few summer classes before I'm officially done, and have been working for a year, so it doesn't mean much to me. Parents enjoyed it, I guess.

I leave on vacation tomorrow. I'll be in New Zealand for two weeks. We're going kayaking, glacier hiking, and just exploring the southern island. Should be a blast, I can't...

Indisputable Tales of Interest > I got a job, version 2

Posted 22 April 2008

Today I accepted a full time position at the studio I'm currently an intern at. I've known they were going to offer me a job for more than a month now, but that doesn't make it any less satisfying. My official title will be Associate Systems Engineer, which means I'll be doing mostly what I do now (tools development), plus I'll be taking on some more...