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Matt Carr

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Journal Entries

Every Semicolon > Probably Archery: A Brief 7DFPS Post-Mortem

Posted 17 August 2013

This year’s 7DFPS game jam is the first game jam South East Games (my cousin Shane and I) has taken part in, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be the last. In one of those all-too-common moments in developing our larger game where we stopped, turned and began throwing around concepts for something smaller to make, we threw out “what about something like QWOP a...

Every Semicolon > Volumetric Objects in Unity

Posted 29 June 2012

For something a little different than just posting hours of video of me making an unnamed game, I thought it would be good to write something and talk about something different here for a change Posted Image.

First, I recently left my lead programming job to start doing indie development...

Every Semicolon > Every Semicolon: Parts 13 to 18

Posted 16 June 2012

It's been a while since I've done a post here in the journal. I didn't want to do a post per episode, but since there's been 6 episodes since my last post I thought I should do the update. I think that's all I'll write because well... there's...

Every Semicolon > Every Semicolon: Parts 11 and 12

Posted 24 April 2012

I've done another couple of episodes focusing first on getting the first iteration of the Dwarf model into the game and then creating a component copying editor window using reflection. I wrote up some thoughts on my experience doing these videos a little while ago and never posted them. I'll most likely update that and post it in the near future....

Every Semicolon > Every Semicolon: Parts 9 and 10

Posted 11 April 2012

Keen to get some of the new artwork in and working, I've done another couple of episodes of Every Semicolon. One of these days we're going to need to name this game...

Part 9:

(I recommend watching in fullscreen 1080P....