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Matt Carr

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In Topic: Every Semicolon: A video capture of a game made from start to finish

25 February 2012 - 04:18 PM

If there aren't replies to this thread then I won't bump it in future and will just edit previous posts.

Parts 3 & 4 are now online. I've created a playlist that I'll update as new videos are added.

Part 3:

(I Recommend watching in fullscreen 1080P. Youtube).

Some of the events in this video:
  • I develop the initial elements of a camera manager to handle smoothly repositioning the camera
  • Made blocks have different damage states and be damaged based on collision velocity
  • Write an editor window to revert multiple selected prefabs

Part 4:

(I Recommend watching in fullscreen 1080P. Youtube).

Some of the events in this video:
  • I spend some time on the 'blocks', making them something other than cubes and adding a stone block
  • I make blocks destroy themselves when their health hits zero
  • I create a couple of custom inspectors to manipulate and find scene objects
  • I add object following and look at functionality to the CameraManager and track fired shots in towards the target
  • I setup a system to determine when blocks are in an idle state to return the camera back to gameplay

In Topic: Cluster rendering with Unity

15 March 2010 - 06:22 PM

Thanks for the info. I don't have the display systems or hardware to test with, but I've done some tests over the network here. Unity has a "OnRenderImage" function that is typically used to apply post processing effects to the rendered result and I can start a "Coroutine" in Unity that halts that function until packets from all the other cluster systems is received.

From my tests over the LAN here (not the greatest), doing this with 2 PCs still allowed app to run at over 900FPS, so I don't see network latency being a bottleneck.

I'll need to do more testing and introduce more systems to the cluster, but so far so good.

Thanks for you help and if anyone else has any info that'll burst my bubble then please let me know. I'll most likely post more about any progress I make on the Unity forums and on my GameDev journal (it's about time I posted to it).

In Topic: Slope based terrain pathfinding

17 May 2008 - 01:23 AM

Original post by Steadtler
I would use the polygons directly instead of the edges. Edges are... edges, lines where every geometric notion is typically ill-defined.

Instead, mark the polygons according to their normal. Much easier.

I'm not sure I could end up with a result as effective without using the edges. I'd be using this method on terrain created by raising and lowering verts on a triangle strip based plane so I don't think there'd be any issue.

I'll probably implement this sometime in the next couple of days, I'm pretty sure it will work fine.

In Topic: My journal for the making of Castle Underwe

16 May 2008 - 02:39 PM

Cool little game, but I found that most of the time all I needed to do was stand in one spot and hold down space and the monsters would just charge to their deaths as I constantly restored power.

In Topic: Urban Empires - Help me pick my game's box art!

10 May 2007 - 04:02 PM

I wanted to see how the new logo looked on the 3rd box so I quickly did this in Photoshop.

It makes the 3rd box my pick, but I also like the 2nd box because it's less "busy". Perhaps if the streaks of rain where made more transparent and less harsh, the 3rd box would look better.

It's a tough call because I feel like the 3rd box conveys more about your game in some ways that the 2nd box does, but it also gives somewhat the wrong impression. I think with the mish-mash of genres your game has, I think you need to go for a box that best represents what you think will be the most marketable aspect of your game (ie. either the strategy component or the GTA, 3rd person action component). Personally I think the 3rd box, but perhaps with something else (don't ask me what) that represents the strategy component, would work the best.