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Premake 4.3 RC2

03 November 2010 - 01:03 AM

Premake is a powerfully simple build configuration

Describe your software project just once, using Premake's simple and easy to read syntax, and build it everywhere. Generate project files for Visual Studio, GNU Make, Xcode, Code::Blocks, and more across Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Use the full featured Lua scripting engine to make build configuration tasks a breeze.

One more for luck! Here's the second (and last?) Premake 4.3 release candidate; download it here

Changes in RC2:
Bug 3097868: Removes relative paths from vs2010 filters (Robert Konrad)
Bug 3095274: Pre-compiled header support missing for VS2010 target
Bug 3100062: vs2010 Runtime library selection

Changes in RC1:
Added Visual Studio 2010 C/C++ support (Liam Devine)
Added Solaris support (Dean Ross-Smith)
Added deployment and image options for Xbox360 (dvoid)
Patch 2963313: Enable setting .NET framework version (Justen Hyde)
Patch 2965229: Fix handling of '+' symbol in file patterns (Rachel Blum)
Patch 2997449: Print configuration with target (ergosys)
Patch 2997452: Suppress gmake's "nothing to be done" message (ergosys)
Patch 3011940: Add support for MFC (JTAnderson)
Patch 3053959: kind() crashes when called with no arguments (rjmyst3)
Bug 2997728: Project dependencies should be case-sensitive
Bug 3056381: Xcode project breaks on special chars
Bug 3007101: Generating PDB in Release builds is not supported
Bug 2971841: Gmake escaping of shell variable $(...) is broken
Fixed handling of icons in Xcode (bitshifter)
Added imagepath to set Xbox360 image file name (Jarod)
Patch 3063804: Set CompileAs flag for VS200x C projects (rjmyst3)
Implemented StaticRuntime flag for Xcode (William Burnson)
Improved portability of Mac OS X binaries (William Burnson)
Bug 3035545: The pattern { "./folder/*.c" } matches no files
Bug 3034222: StaticLib projects ignore linkoptions
Bug 3020382: GCC PCH not working
Bug 3016050: {"../Dir/file1.c","../../Dir/file2.c"} breaks Xcode (Stephane)
Bug 3015312: Makefiles are not quoted correctly

OOLua 1.3 released

05 June 2010 - 02:26 PM

Project Home

Version 1.3 has been released of OOLua and is still the fastest Lua
and C++ binding profiled against.

This version enables
*Configurable build to enable exceptions or disable run time checks etc.
*Correctly reports errors and will not call lua_panic.
*Varadic macros and varadic macro comma deletion extension where supported.
*Lua functions and tables available as parameters to functions and constructors also return values for functions.
*Adds parameters traits which enable std::string as parameters to constructors and functions and also function return values.
*If run time checks are enabled also checks if a userdata was created by OOLua
*Pushing and pulling values return a boolean if not using exceptions
*Compatible with Lua 5.1 and 5.2(work3).
*Compatible with gmock 1.4 and 1.5
*Compatible with Visual Studio 10
*Improves performance.
*Bug fixes

For a full list see

[Edited by - dmail on June 6, 2010 6:11:09 AM]

OOLua C++ and Lua binding

11 January 2010 - 01:25 PM

OOLua version 1.2.2 is a bug fix, has optimisations over 1.2.1 and now uses premake 4.2. The use of the latest premake means that xcode is now supported. See profile.log for current speed comparisons with swig 1.3.40 and Luabind 0.9 Download : google code Please see readme.txt in the download for build instructions or consult the wiki. Change list *Converted premake scripts to premake4 *optimised checking of a type against a requested type via casting and storing a function taking the parameters to lua_Cfunction which requires less usage of the Lua stack. *moved Luna licence to a more suitable section of code *removed dead code from oolua_storage.h *removed dead code from class_from_stack.h *added setting a user data's none const name whilst changing it's constant status in set_type_top_to_none_const to prevent potentail errors. As the name and none constant name use a pointer compare when checking for constant status. *added xcode support, tests required linking gtest and gmock normally i.e. -lgmock instead of gmock specified way gmock config - * *added xcode test unit bash build script. *build logs directed to there own directory *added new test project "tests_may_fail" for issue 7 (http://code.google.com/p/oolua/issues/detail?id=7) this fails soft on an error i.e. returns 0 from main not 1. moved effected tests (pushing and pulling signed int and signed long)to the new test project. *changed bash build scripts to run the tests_may_fail swell as unit.tests *added comment in lua_includes.h for mingw users *added a readme with details of library as many download locations are now available * fixed passing a c style string to a member function bug as reported by airbash http://code.google.com/p/oolua/issues/detail?id=8 * fixed a corresponding bug of a member function which returns a c style string. * added define in lua_includes.h to support Lua 5.2 and 5.1.4 simultaneously * fixed typo in xcode_premake4.sh * adjusted premake recursive file inclusion to offset premake4.2 problem * renamed gnu build script to gnu_tests.sh to reflect what it is doing * added gnu_build.sh for building a local install * added xcode_build.sh for building a local install * added codeblocks_build.sh for building a local install * renamed codeblocks_premake4.sh to codeblocks_tests.sh to reflect what it is doing * added dl to link flags for unit tests in linux builds * added vs2008x86_build.bat for building a local install * renamed vs2008x86_premake4.bat to vs2008x86_tests.bat to reflect what it is doing * added codeblocks_build.bat for building a local install * renamed codeblocks_premake4.bat to codeblocks_tests.bat to reflect what it is doing Thanks Liam edit: corrected Luabind version number. [Edited by - dmail on January 12, 2010 8:26:21 AM]

OOLua C++ and Lua binding

21 November 2009 - 12:40 AM

Project page Download OOLua is a test driven, cross platform, non intrusive code generator framework for binding C++ and Lua code release under the MIT licence. The framework requires no external dependencies, dynamic_casts or RTTI. The binding is done via macros which generate proxy functions which internally use templates for type safety. On the project site there is a small cheat sheet yet all usage of the framework can be seen from the Unit Tests. Comments, questions, suggestions? Thanks

ATI OpenGL 3(start)

19 September 2008 - 12:40 AM

The latest ATI drivers have added support for "phase 1" of the OpenGL extensions. http://www2.ati.com/relnotes/catalyst_89_release_notes.html
This release of Catalyst™ introduces OpenGL™ 3.0 extension support. In upcoming Catalyst™ releases AMD will continue to expand its support for OpenGL 3.0 extensions. The following is a list of supported extensions in Catalyst 8.9: ARB_half_float_pixel · ARB_draw_instanced · ARB_instanced_arrays · EXT_texture_compression_3dc · EXT_texture_compression_rgtc · EXT_texture_compression_latc · EXT_texture_shared_exponent · EXT_depth_buffer_float · EXT_gpu_shader4 · ARB_map_buffer_range