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Game Project Survey

10 April 2013 - 06:14 AM

Hi everyone!
I'm finishing up my -mostly business software centered- Information Systems Engineering studies and, for getting our degree and thinking about our work future, my team and I are going to build a game.
Now, we are already pretty sure of what we want to build and on which platform using which technologies*, but a mandatory requirement for the project to be approved is a market research.
And for that is that I humbly, and with the due apologies for the shameless spam, request of any of you willing to please fill out and share this survey with as many people as you see fit:

I reckon I should be probably posting on non-game related forums, and I'm doing that in my native language**, but I'm just not inside many enlglish speaking communities. So if anyone has any feedback, thoughts, comments, suggestions or anything to say, really, I'd be glad to hear!
Thank you all for your time!
*I'm not specifying anything here to keep the survey as unbiased as possible.
**If anyone would prefer to fill/share a spanish version of the survey, it can be found here: http://bit.ly/11M9lfS

Needing to get started with HTML5/CSS3/JS!

03 December 2012 - 09:54 PM

Well hello there! Man it's been a while since I last visited this forums..

Anyway, I know my way around proggramming turn based games with multiplayer on C and C#, but I want to tackle the web monster this holyday season. My goal is to have a working simple (even if not quite finished) turn based tiled "strategy" game by mid january, wich looking at my schedule seems quite doable.

Problem: I only know the basics of HTML and CSS (and fortunately that includes several "good practices" that have not been deprecated in the definitions of HTML5 and CSS3) and NONE JavaScript. Also the simplest of PHP, but I've done nothing more than a "Hello World!" for now.

As for graphics, good ol' colored ASCII characters will do just fine, so you could say I'm aiming at "2D" at the moment Posted Image (actually it'd be neat if the game would eventually turn into a "full fledged" roguelike, but for now let's assume I'm not being hardcore, I'm just lazy about graphis).

Now, our dear uncle Google has shown me the existence of several interesting topics of discusion (i.e.: the state of html5 implementation, canvas, webgl, css transitions..), as well as the existance of several SDK/frameworks, some of wich are even free and open. But I'd prefer to work purely with code, Notepad++ is a good friend of mine, althought I won't complain if you know any good (free) IDE or other editor better suited for the job.

So.. Any advice as to where to start? Have books on html5 game development been written yet? I tried to look at Mozilla's BrowserQuest code on git but that was of course a bit too complex for me Posted Image

Big thanks! Posted Image

Pacoman (my "first" game)

05 December 2007 - 03:54 PM

Hi there, this are screenshots from my latest and first game: Pacoman (a Pacman "clone"). game starts: I'm on pills!!: just ate 2 ghosts: Leaving aside some tic-tac-toe, hangman and other easier to make things, it's my first game and the largest app that I've made on C so far. It's currently the first beta that I finished about 4 days ago, and tho thre's a lot of room for improvements left, I felt like sharing it with you guys. I've developed it using C -althought I had planned of doing it on C++, I was forced to use some ugly compiler, that we are using in a C/C++ course in wich I'm an assistant for the proffesor, and it doesnt implement most C++ stuff on the best way, so I decided to make it on C-, it took me about 4 days to write and its about 720 lines long (without counting my long commets, of course). As you can see, I didn't use any graphic library, the map is just a bidimentional array of chars and yes, I do realize it doesn't look like the original pacman map, I just didn't thougt of searching for one and copying it. I'm sure there are hundreds of better ways of achieving the same results that I have, but the thing is, I kept on having these unexplainable bugs (for wich I mostly blame the compiler) that I sort of masked up (they are still there, but the user doesn't notice) and so the code ended up looking funny and has several parts that do things in a way that I would never advice someone to do (I just made it because I wanted it to work and have it running ASAP). Also, I've noticed than when ran in some comps the ASCII comes different, so I've made 2 versions for the 2 variants that I've found so far. I've thought of making an auto-detection module for he program, but it's not one of my priorities since I'm stuck with exams right now. It may be not pretty for the sight, the sound is horrible (for wich I include non-sound versions in the release) and it works at a solid 1 FPS, but it's a good start in game programming, I think. If you are seriously bored, you can dowload a demo from my spanish-blog: http://zippolag.blogspot.com/2007/12/pacoman.html PS: sorry for the several typing mystakes in this text, but I have only my left hand available since my right shoulder is luxated at the moment. I'm also planing on trhowing away *most* of the code and mking a OO version of it on VC++, but that will be when I'm finished with final exams and have both hands operational. [Edited by - ZippoLag on December 6, 2007 11:47:55 AM]

is multithreaded the only way?

27 July 2006 - 12:21 PM

howdy, I'm sorry if I lack of saying something, but hopefully you'll understand me (I'm in kind of a rush right now)... ghak, I spent too much time on that.. anyway! what I meant to say is that I'm on the making of my engine, and I needed it to be doing something (specifically checking for arrived net data and showing that it arrived) while I'm actively doing something else (let's say inputting text).. so... it seems that the onñy way to do this is by adding a thread that magenes network operations, but I didn't want to dive into that just yet.. so.. is there another way? PS: I've always like to work with console apps, so it's all text on the screen and secuential programming up to this point..

winsock simplest example

24 July 2006 - 06:02 AM

/*Note: *I used the sample that comes in the MSDN as base for this, hehe. */ //ZippoLag /*This is a very basic example of using winsock. *As a matter of fact, it is basically the same example included in the MSDN, *but with a couple of diferences: *1. It is initialized "interactively". So you can follow the steps in the * right order or see what errors are trhown. *2. You can repeat the last step (send/receive) as many times as you want. *3. You can specify the IP address to wich you want to connect * Note: even when it doesn't feel right, you have to put in the client address * in the server. * *But still only one client is allowed at the time, so it's kind of a weird *client-server app, I hope to make a simple chat app with this fixed soon. * *So.. I hope it helps someone, at least, it helped me to understand it better. *Yes, I know this is only a babystep, but I couldn't even make this work before. * *you can download it here: http://www.badongo.com/file/1116422 * *Farewel! */ //ZippoLag //PS: I hope to make a series of small samples in the future, // so be patient with me, ok?