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Vilem Otte

Member Since 11 May 2006
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Journal Entries

Vilem Otte's Journal > Compilers articles

Posted 28 September 2016

It's me, bugging around again. I finally got back to work on my compilers-related series, while it is focused on people untouched by automatons, VMs and compilers in general (or more likely the ones that are using it, while not knowing what goes inside), I tried to keep code-base quite small (and still manageable and readable by average viewer)....

Vilem Otte's Journal > Dead... or?

Posted 19 September 2016

I noticed on myself that my activity on forums dropped to almost zero over the last two years, it was quite high before that (gradually dropping while I was working on my diploma), well... I finished it, and started doing more business and less game development, less (non-job related) graphics development, etc. 
So I slowly got to the stage where I n...