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Disciple of Jonato > Octree Voxel Planet

Posted 09 January 2015

Just some fun with octrees and voxels.

Basically as the observer gets closer the voxels break themselves down into more accurate pieces of the planets terrain. It's like a weird mix of octree and voxels.


Disciple of Jonato > Unity Tile Map Editor

Posted 28 October 2014

Recently I started a game with a friend which required a tile map, the following is a series of the editor progress.

So first I got a basic layout of the UI:

Then a pluggable menu bar (Inherit from ITileMapMenuItem and add it to the window).

Followed by ripped images from Tiled and all basic tools in as skeletons

Then I added the layer contro...

Disciple of Jonato > Toasty Update #9

Posted 28 January 2014

Hey guys!

The lack of recent updates was because I was travelling with my partner, we went to many places but the main event was Las Vegas new years, which was insane!

So, I've been back for a few days and I'm ready for another update in this one I have added a basic AngelScriptSystem, which is pretty interesting.

The angelscript system has a few cool...

Disciple of Jonato > Toasty Update #8

Posted 21 December 2013

Okay, I ran into an issue with the editor lately, and that is when a plugin is added and it adds it's control to the inspector (think from Unity) when an entity is selected with a component it added to the engine it will position itself very far down making it not look aesthetic, which I think is important. But in the mean-time (I haven't been able to fix...

Disciple of Jonato > Toasty Update #7

Posted 17 November 2013

This update is being dedicated to the editor and here is what I have done and what's left to do so far:

Scene Entity View

Used to add or remove entities from the GameSystem and current scene it displays a pure list of entities. It has the ability to filter entities by name and grouping of entities. Sends an entityselected event and entitydeselected eve...