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In Topic: Adding non ECS features in an ECS engine (tilemap)?

13 May 2015 - 05:18 PM



Are you saying basically label nothing as an actual entity, but just use components and systems to do the work? In this case I can't understand how to get the data into systems? Because so far I only understand the method of "for (entityx::Entity entity : entities.entities_with_components(component1,component2,etc))" for actually getting the entity data into systems...


No, you would put TileMapRenderer and TileMapSettings onto an entity (This might set the bottom left of the TileMap to that entities position or something) and assign the TIleMapRenderers TileMap to some data.

In Topic: Adding non ECS features in an ECS engine (tilemap)?

03 May 2015 - 06:54 AM

Disregarding everything said in this thread:


  • TileMap is a 2D array of ints, it shouldn't be a component.
  • TileMapRenderer Contains a TileMap and uses it plus below component to render the map. Should be a component.
  • TileMapSettings links ints to sprites and is read by the TileMapRenderer (Via GetComponent or whatever you want). Should be a component.

The tile map renderer could also manage splitting into multiple meshes to optimise very large tile maps! Pretty robust I think.

In Topic: From scratch vs Unity

30 March 2015 - 01:38 AM

This is how I see it:


From scratch:



  • You can edit the source code for free
  • Potentially better deployment capability 
  • Use your favourite language
  • No documentation needed, you know everything (Hopefully)
  • Can utilise any render features you want to support
  • Use it on your favourite OS


  • Not battle tested
  • Takes a lot longer to get anything done
  • Potentially less deployment options




  • Battle tested
  • Have things on screen in an afternoon
  • Highly extensible through editor scripts
  • Easily code logic and drag onto game objects
  • Scripting language and library features are excellent (Coroutines, attributes, serialisation, reflection)
  • Lots of examples, tutorials and a large community to get support from
  • Easily expose designer editable data for easy changing of gameplay from non-programmers


  • Must purchase from the asset store or make your own editor extensions (Tile editor, source style editor etc)
  • Must purchase pro to get rid of logo branding or if you make over a certain amount of money
  • Missing some render features and there is nothing you can do about it unless you buy source code access
  • Will 'never' have a Linux editor
  • Lots of half finished systems (Input, Terrain etc)
  • Expensive source code access or be very popular

So this is why I do both. I really like how quickly and easily I can make a game with Unity knowing it will run fine on most hardware, however sometimes I'll run into something that doesn't really work or work as I expect it (E.g. no good collaborative support, the only way you can have code run is through a component that is attached to a gameobject) and that makes me want to use my own engine \ editor. So I do both, at work I use Unity because we just want the games done now and done with good hardware support at home I work on my own games using my own engine editor using my experience with Unity as a baseline.

In Topic: 3D World editor

30 March 2015 - 12:38 AM

Is there anything wrong with http://www.ogitor.org/?

In Topic: Do you pay per click or installs with Facebook and Twitter ads?

23 March 2015 - 05:20 AM

Do you have any facts to back up that Facebook\others uses ad click farmers? Anecdotal evidence but my partner uses Facebook marketing with a 10 dollar a day limit and gets about 2-5 new legitimate customers a day. (Ads and likes are different things)


From my understanding you can pay very cheaply for when someone views your ad or more expensively for clicking on it. That link can go to wherever but it can't force an install (You will be rejected, Facebook recently got a lot stricter with ads). I recommend using Power Editor. Be warned though it's an art to write copy that works with Facebook as well as targeting the right market, people seriously pay 30k+ AUD for courses on it (http://www.leelacosgrove.com/ ask her for a course).