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Splinter of Chaos

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Splinter of Chaos' Blog > Make a mathematical vector class already!

Posted 22 August 2011

I can't count the number of times i've gone on to a forum and seen code like this: (Using a modified example from gafferongames.com)

posX = posX + velX * dt;
posY = posY + velY * dt;

velX = velX + (forceX/mass) * dt;
velY = velY + (forceY/mass) *...

Splinter of Chaos' Blog > Chaos Attractors, current progress.

Posted 11 February 2011

Chaos Attractors is nearly finished, now, or at least it seems. I figure i could work on it my entire life and i might not consider it done. It's been seven months already.

Chaos Attractors is a simple game; it's my first game. You play a circle in the middle of the screen, moving around with the arrow keys or WASD. Enemies spawn at ever-increasing...