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In Topic: Following the Train Tracks or Plumbing the Depths

Yesterday, 07:30 AM

"Ultimately, coming up with lore costs much less money than creating AAA art assets etc"


Yes writing is very cheap and very easy. This is why Hollywood doesn't both trying to save on that workload by filling up with sequels and remakes...

In Topic: Mmorpg Idea.

Yesterday, 07:26 AM

"I was thinking to write GamePlay and how will in game systems work."


Jolly good. You'll just need to get several tens of millions of dollars to pay your software developers with and you're ready to go.

In Topic: Basic Multithreaded Question

21 July 2016 - 05:18 AM

You don't need to align to cache-line sizes; the memory system is quite happy handling one core writing to a byte of a cache line "simultaneously" with a core writing to a different byte in the same line -- the intercore hyperbus will just transfer cacheline ownership around, introducing wait-states as appropriate.


(You can't guarantee the order of the writes, so they can't overlap, but they will both happen).


You DO want to avoid doing this all the time. (Because of the overhead of the hyperbus communications mentioned above).


So just don't thread finely in memory -- if you have four threads, don't send x[0] to one thread and x[1] to the next. Partition your array and send x[0-99] to one thread and x[100-199] to the next.


Don't over-worry about the cacheline sharing at the borders -- they're a small percentage of the total problem and cacheline ownership changes are designed to be very fast.


The rule to apply here is "don't thread finely in memory all the time".

In Topic: Difference between Framework and Engine

15 June 2016 - 02:36 AM

I'm going to side with Sean on this -- framework is something you build on top of, engine is something you work inside of.


The distinction is kind of like whether you write the "int main()" or not...


"when i'm interviewing, I'll wanted to show my "engine/framework","


No. You'll be wanting to show a working game. Every tom, dick and harry shows up with bits of code they call an "engine". Finish an actual game instead.

In Topic: Pros/Cons of coding alternatives to std::algorithm?

10 June 2016 - 03:53 AM

"I always felt like it's probably a bad practice to do so."


It's not if it does the job. I get to say it again; You don't need code to run as fast as possible -- you only need fast enough


Build it using the BIGGEST tools you can find -- the less work you have to do the sooner you can get a project done, profile it, then replace only the sections that mean you're not hitting your target.


Your goal is a completed project, not a tiny section of very-very-very-very spiffy code.