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In Topic: Freelancer gone wrong!

30 April 2015 - 07:59 AM

I thank everyone for their input, here are some tidbits of information.


A few of you mention speaking with a lawyer, honestly thats overkill in this situation + they are in a completely different country its not realistic to get the law involved because some content that I was gonna slowly release anyhow gets leaked out 6 or 7 weeks ahead of time.

I'm seeing there is alot of "business management" that takes away from my time developing but for the most part I'm okay with it and things are still running smoothly, and as far as my funds are concerned I should have enough, but I don't really plan on needing a lawyer honestly.


My plan is to let him go, but I'm trying to think of the best way to do it cause i can see pros and cons in the different approaches.  If i let him stay to finish the design work he was originally contracted for he might make a bigger deal about sticking around in the long run, If i end our relationship early he might react negatively towards that.

In Topic: Freelancer gone wrong!

29 April 2015 - 06:23 PM

we do have a digitally signed contract, pursuing legal action is not really realistic.

In Topic: Development in 4k

19 December 2014 - 08:31 AM

Another update, I can't go back to 1080p as this is my first day of full work without the monitor :-\

In Topic: Development in 4k

17 December 2014 - 06:38 PM

I had a long day today 11 hours in fact, but I'm here to report that it felt real good having one 2560x1440 monitor.  It felt like I had 2 monitors even tho it was only one, I was able to snap the windows in different locations and not have to switch between docked applications much.  My eyes feel good, not strained at all and I feel like I definitely made a good decision in getting the display.

In Topic: Where should I start learning game development?

17 December 2014 - 12:57 PM

I would personally recommend starting from the ground up and just basically try to make a bunch of crappy but simple tech demos.  Like rendering a cube on screen, texturing it, controlling an object with a keyboard, parsing a 3D mesh file and rendering on screen etc... etc...  I feel it would help you get a good understand of what is going on behind the scene before you just directly into Unity 3D.  Whichever route you decide to choose start simple first.