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In Topic: need suggestion for IDE/Engine

07 January 2016 - 08:41 AM

if you want to build your own serious battle and skill-system, then you have to write a new engine from ground. you cant rely on any existing rpg solutions, they having usually very very primitive and simplistic systems, or in some cases, they have none. i suggest you to start building a game engine in c, the graphics and phisics engine can be very simple, it not has to be very modern, and once you have things happening properly on your screen (this will take maybe a month), you can start to code your complex game engine around this.

In Topic: Need hardware recommendation

02 January 2016 - 12:08 PM

IIRC windows has had greater requirements at least since XP especially in the RAM department.  Also you don't have to test your game on the same machine you develop on.  While I in a way basically agree with you I think 600mhz and 256 is a little on the low side.



Windows XP officially needs a 233 mhz Pentium1 (or equivalent) CPU (300 mhz recommended) with minimum 64 mbyte of RAM (128 mbyte recommended).

dont foget that windows xp is from 2001. (i even used it sometimes back then on pentium1-166 mhz, it still runned good).


in phones, 600 mhz and 256 mbyte RAM was usual in the past years. today, the lowend is around 800 mhz and 512 mbyte RAM, but older phones are still in use, so i dont know. 




there should be a line, where it is certainly a bad idea to go below. but the question is - is this limit an ecsact number, or not?

a 600 mhz duron cpu is more than twice as fast as a 800 mhz VIA c3, while tons of c3 was built into netbooks back then. lot of them are still in use, and they graphics chips are not yet even mentioned. first generation intel atoms are also very slow. 



i meditated a bit on this question back then, and i decided that 600 mhz and 256 mbyte ram is the absolute minimum (for software rendered graphics), that should be able to start most of my software, even if it is far below the enjoyable speed. for simplier hardware accelerated softwares (like mario clones, etc), i would suggest otimizations to run at least on 25 fps on computers like this (and have an opengl 1.0 fallback so old integrated gpus could run it).

In Topic: Need hardware recommendation

02 January 2016 - 08:35 AM


Is grandma a gamer and do you include her in your demographic? (...) That is unless you've written the next candy crush to appeal to grandma, in which case it should be a smartphone app, right?...



basically yes, you answered your own ironical question in the way you not wanted to. the stereotypical ~20 year old lifeless gamer kid as a mass-market force simply not exist any more. so releasing versions for cell phones are very important, and pc versions also must work from very small machine demand. i would say everything above 600 mhz and 256 mbyte RAM must be supported, if it is technically possible  (both on x86 and arm side), while the thing should be able to scale up to current 10 core arm cpus and 16 threaded intel desktop cpu-s and/or gpu-s to offer better ergonomy for the power users too.


its not like my softwares would be able to fullfill this requirements at all, however, in the last 1 year, i started to make serious steps to achieve this with some partial successes.

In Topic: Need hardware recommendation

02 January 2016 - 06:30 AM

i dont think it is a good idea to buy a strong computer for game developing. remember, the mass of the users will have relatively old computers, and your game must run properly on them. ifs better to buy some cheap testing machines with intel, nvidia, amd, sis and s3 graphics, if you want hardware 3d. you may need a few cell phones with different chips, if you want to develop 3d apps for android. i personally having amd, intel, via, vortex86, and even cyrix processros as testing systems, and having a few things with ARM chips and linux and/or android. 

In Topic: Why automake?

28 December 2015 - 10:57 AM

i personally dont use such things. usually, i use codeblocks to compile, after adjusting the settings carefully. or some times, for simple projects, i just type the compilation command into console.