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Anime Girl 3D - it converts 2D art to 3D model

20 September 2015 - 07:28 PM

Anime Girl 3D is a small game tool that converts 2D anime characters to 3D. It runs under Windows and Linux. Its not only for anime-like graphics, that is just the name of the software. it works with other type of cartoon arts, and with different kind of graphics too).




It needs a 2D picture with the protagonists, and then it can convert it to 3D models (.obj files). These obj files later can be used in games, modeling programs, and 3d printers.



(the iutput file in a thirdparty modeling software)


The exportad model containing textures and normal vectors too.





The source images not have to contain alphamap, the software have background detection algorithm. A short video tutorial embedded on the web page, that guides to the basic usage of the software.


More information and download:





Cute3DModeler (3d modeling program optimized for freelancer game developers)

08 December 2014 - 04:34 PM

Geri's Cute3DModeler is a 3D model creator and editor software, main platform is Linux.

I originally made this software only for myself, but many freelancer / indie game developer asked me to release it, since they found the ofhter 3d modeling softwares on linux overcomplicated/useless.

So this program is designed for ecsactly and only this purpose, it will not be ideal or optimal for other purposes at all, and its not ideal for professional modelers, or for highpoly modeling.




You can edit your models in four standard wireframed sketch views. Pervertex (right panel) and per-object (left panel) edition is available, and you have a real time 3D preview. You DONT have to remember hotkeys, becouse you can use the software with your mouse (or finger). Ttexturing and UV mapping is available. The editor stays stable up to a few million polygons. Every geometry is interpreted as triangles, the software supports up to 9998 mesh per model.

Cute3DModeler is ideal to create scene objects, such as furnitures, wehlices, houses, unique characters, monsters.


Geri's chess

16 April 2013 - 12:34 PM

his is a chess game using 3d graphics. it runs on windows and linux.



-you can play against the ai (minmax-like herustic algo)


-against your friends on network (p2p - ip 2 ip)


-against your friend (two player mode)




-it requires a 8 core amd cpu for optimal performance on max graphics quality. it doesn ot require graphics card, it uses software rendering

-its good to have 6 gbyte of ram at least


ai can be adjusted:


-easy settings are for the complete beginners

-medium is the default. i can beat it

-hard can beat me sometimes


i was not able to beat the hardest settings yet, however, i am not a good chess player (on maximum ai level, the algo precalcs 14+ steps)


the code its heavily parallerized.



GameGirls portal

11 December 2011 - 11:11 AM


Hints for my new engine (v3)

16 April 2011 - 05:46 AM

When i made my graphics engine in 2006, wich i updated since that many and many times to fit the requiretments (however, i always keeped it around 5 year lag with the newest technologies for security reasons) i suspected that i will be able to use it for 6-7 year.

This was a correct suspection from me. My engine was around middle class for a lot of times, and if it begined to fall down to low class, i just added some features to compensate it. My hint was i can do this for 6 year without punishment. This is correct, but now my code reached the level wich is not any more maintainable, i must rewrite it.

However, my current engine will be in use for more, i will not replace it with a new technologoy, its unnecessary.

Of course, i will not to delete everything from the code, there is a lot of code wich will usable in the next version also, but i must thow out its structure, the operating principle, i will change verything at the roots.

Also my new engine must be compatible with my old engine, at function level, for example, my Maker3D should work with the new also. I thing i will write a wrapper interface to keep this.

So now i want to share my plans, the new structure of the engine, and i wait ideas, hints, what you ppls tough about my plan.

If you know some new technology (for example, a new, good looking effect) or you invented something but you cant use it for even, and you suggest and let me to implement it, please share it. It does not matter if its just exist as a never investigated and never implemented data sheet, or just an idea, or you just saw it somewhere, please share it
if you think it is good.

My new texture handler will use a new texturing track, what can take the textures to bounch and only load them when its necessary, in buckets, so it can process a lot of it with multithread. Or if the handler gets a flush. My engine alreday had unifyed texture handling, but it was uneffective and slow. The new code will even has the ability to dynamically delete the textures from the RAM, and load them again, if they needed.

Modell handling will be similar to texture handler. But i must redesign this fully to be correspondance with my new structure.

This was complitely broken in my current engine. I will fix it, there is nothing to say about this. The old code was even optimised with Voodoo3.

There was too much global stuff, so i now will collect everything in monolithic global blocks, i building the levels and the blocks logically:
-main.c (includes)
-lgfx_thread_API.c (my multithreading codes)
-sallang_API.c (everything who does not fit to another place: memcpy_dualcpu, lgfx_atof...)
-filehandle_API.c (crossplatform fopen_lgfx, etc)
-Iinit_API.c (platform init, may 60-70 kbyte)
-Periferia_API.c (keyboard, mouse, joy, ~20 kbyte)
-modell.c (no specific calls, only the loaders, ~100 kbyte)
-fizika.c (phisics, collision, 30 kbyte)
-kamera.c (my existing camera codes being copyed there after a bit rework)
-grafika_API.c (deprecated and reworked version of my current graphics engine OR my new engine wich i will
speak later, ~400 kbyte, textures and models also being stored here)
-textura.c (textre loading, managing, decoding, ~70 kbyte)
-sprite.c (my new spritehandler will go here, 10 kbyte)
-audcodec.c (~ 10 kbyte)
-hang_hw.c (my current sound engine comes here, ~10 kbyte)
-engine.c (the passice engine structure and engine core, engine coordination, ground, anim handling, etc, ~300 kbyte)
-engine_effekt.c (some predefinied cpu time leet effects, ~100 kbyte)
-engine_compatibility.c (for compatibility wrapping my old engine, BASIC interpreter, ~300 kbyte)
-menu.c (my current code of opening screens, settings, loading screens, menu handlers, ~20 kbyte)
-game.c (the game, or a wrapper that inits the stuffs to my old engine)

Some parts stays as old, but i will rewrite a lot of extras in it. Snitts, flows... much more passive.

-I will keep my current OpenGL based graphics engine for compatibility purposes.

-My new graphics engine is a multi-cpu ray tracer. I want ideas for this. Texhnologies, effects, ideas, how to speed it up even more. I want to use this engine from ~2014 (if the world begin destroyed in 2012, not). I would be very happy to see your favorit effects related to this.

Maybee i should write realtime environmental audio handling based on the ray tracer, for example, real time calculated environment effect if the voice comes out from the bathroom. Maybee i should write 3d audio positioning. I have never doned such things before, i got no experience, so i will use temporally my current sound code. Suggestions?

This was shit until now also, but i cant made anything with it. I will write some new stuffs to it, for example, falling dow item wich brokes, etc.

I wait for ideas, for everything, except for:
-What compilers, languages, ideologies, platforms should i use.
I dont care about your fetishes and about your virtual lovers.

I will introduce this engine only after my old engine fully become obsolete. These engines are for my personal use
to create my softwares in them, so i want not blow up all of my rockets for the first shoots.
-Possibility to write brutal graphics (this also will need modellers, however)
-Simplyer maintaince, modular built-up
-Faster, easyer develop.
-Much smaller memory demand
-Better automatic caching and loading
-Compatiblity with my current stuffs at function(); level
-Better gaming experience
-Simply to create support for new platforms later (who knows what will be is after 5-6 year)
-Independent from everything

Thank you!