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#5129408 The functions on game scoring system

Posted by on 06 February 2014 - 03:13 PM

Hi there,


I am a PhD student from Taiwan, and am working on a study on game scoring system.

My study will begin from finding out the functions of the scoring system in order to make a taxonomy of scoring system.

Here are the functions I currently found in two different perspective - game designer's perspective and player's perspective.

I will be glad if anyone can figure out any other functions that I might missed.

Also, if the following explanations are not clear enough, please let me know as well. Thank you!smile.png


Goal: The score can be the object of the game. 
Guide: The score can guide the player to do something or to make adjustment. 
Feedback: The score can be a positive or negative feedback.
Extend the game life: The score can induce the player to stay in the game longer. 
Measurement: The score is a scale of an abstract concept.
Personality: The score can make a distinction among the similar individual. 
Advertisement: The score can be an advertisement in order to attract more people to join the game.
Limitation: The score can restrict the player's behavior in a range of value.
Access: The score can help the player to access a new level/world.
Achievement: The score can let the player to set up his/her goal. 
Progression: The score is a process for reaching another status/level. 
Status: The score can tell the player where he/she stand.
Identity/Role: The score can represent an identity/role.
Convertible: The score can be converted from a currency/points/entity to another currency/points/entity.
Shareable: The score can be shared through internet.