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Topics I've Started

GearVR Development Getting Started Tutorials (Unity, Unreal, GearVRf)

12 February 2016 - 06:20 PM

Title pretty much says it all.  The GearVR is Samsung's Oculus powered VR headset.  These tutorials cover starting development in Unreal, Unity as well as Samsung's Java based GearVRf library.



The Atomic Game Engine review

23 December 2015 - 02:26 PM

Perhaps you've seen the banners for it here on GameDev.net.  Atomic Game Engine is a cross platform, C++ based, JavaScript/TypeScript/C# 2D/3D game engine built on top of Urho3D.


Today as part of the ongoing Closer Look game engine series we just did an in-depth review of the Atomic Game Engine.  There is also a video version of the review.

SFML with C++ Tutorial Series

09 October 2015 - 11:31 AM

Several years ago I created a SFML tutorial series that to this day is still proving quite popular.  A fair bit has changed, both in the land of SFML, C++ and my ability to make tutorials.  Therefore I've launched a new SFML focused tutorial series.  Given that SFML is extremely popular among beginners and on this particular forum, I decided to share it here.


Unlike the previous tutorial, this one is both text and video based.  Both text and video versions cover basically the same information, so simply pick the format that you are most comfortable with.  This series is aimed at relative beginners, it assumes a certain knowledge of C++ but goes into enough detail that a C#, Java or C developer or of course a C++ beginner with a bit of language knowledge, should easily be able to follow along.


Right now the series consists of:




In time I will add a table of contents and update accordingly.  This series is a priority for me, so expect frequent new posts over the next couple weeks.  A new tutorial on keyboard input should be up very shortly.


As always feedback is certainly appreciated.  If you are following along and I lost your somewhere, certainly let me know!

Learning Blender One Hour at a Time

10 July 2015 - 02:34 PM

Over the past couple months I've been slowly putting together a video tutorial series on learning Blender one hour at a time.


Basically it breaks learning Blender into one hour chunks and covers as much as possible in one hours time.


Right now it covers:

  • introduction/overview (tour and basics of using Blender)
  • modelling
  • texturing and UV Mapping
  • animation


Coming Soon will be:

  • lighting/rendering


There are also a couple small video tips and tricks included in the table of contents.  


This series will by no means make you an expert, but I think it is simply one of the fastest ways for a complete beginner to learn a very large chunk of Blender quickly.  If you prefer text tutorials... hey, I've got that covered too!



Let me know what you think.

MonoGame Tutorial Series (and Book)

30 June 2015 - 01:37 PM

Hello All,


Launched another new tutorial series over on GameFromScratch.com.  This series is covering MonoGame, the open source successor to Microsoft's XNA game framework.  


The series homepage is available right here.  There are both text and video tutorials available.


So far there are tutorials covering:

  • Overview
  • Configuring on Mac
  • Configuring on Windows
  • Creating an Application/Game Loop
  • 2D Graphics/SpriteBatch
  • Keyboard, Mouse, Gamepad


Over time the series will cover all aspects of using MonoGame/XNA.  Each section is written as a chapter, and in the end I will be compiling it all together to publish as a book.  However for Patreon backers, WIP versions ( and release versions ) are being made available in pdf, mobi and epub formats.


I will update as more chapters are launched.