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In Topic: Is GameMaker any good?

17 April 2014 - 11:46 PM

GameMaker is a good start if you plan on going more into the role of a designer.


If you want to go into the role of a programmer, then a programming language like C/C++ with SDL/OpenGL/DirectX would be a better choice.

In Topic: Becoming a Level Designer

17 April 2014 - 11:43 PM

Starcraft 2 has an interesting Editor where you can design maps for multiplayer, games for the arcade, or even levels as it if were a single player mission.  I highly suggest looking into it!

In Topic: Great laptop for game development? (Budget of +1200,- euros)

17 April 2014 - 11:41 PM

I use a Dell insprion 17 7000.


It has everything you want but twice the RAM, and twice the HDD space.


Fits right into your budget too :D


I have an older model, and I've had some issues with it, but make sure you get a cooling pad to use when your gaming on High graphics settings.

In Topic: Using C++

17 April 2014 - 11:32 PM

You can use C++ along with SDL to make video games.  Why don't you private message me?  I can help you make a Pong game using C++/SDL, and you can go from there :)

In Topic: Upcoming Multiplatform Game Programming Book for Beginners

17 April 2014 - 11:28 PM

This seems extremely interesting. I too am a new developer, mainly just a hobbyist trying to have fun with my spare time (first app is linked in my Signature).


Let me know when it's available as a regular e-book, I don't have a nook, but I am interested in this topic!


Definitely!  It shouldn't be longer than a week or so!



And I actually don't cover SDL Net.  This is a book targeted towards beginners, and unfortunately, a networking chapter would have been beyond the scope of the book.


Actually, I would prefer it if you add a SDL Net chapter as an appendix for those who are really interested in it. All beginner's books started out very nice, but they just end the books at a point when the reader wanted to learn more features in the intermediate levels (not advanced, just slightly harder than novice).


Or maybe a primer of chapters in which multiplayer games will have to touch up on later in the development. I do know, that books covering SDL of related libraries (images, audio, network, etc.) is really hard to find.



If it helps, I can make a tutorial and upload it to my website.  I'm planning on doing chapters that I didn't put into the book for one reason or another :)