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In Topic: D3D11_Create_Device_Debug Question

Yesterday, 08:21 PM

I don't agree, based on some of your past questions.

More than happy to swap resumes, if you want to go down that path. Or if you want we can start at comparing annual wages and work back from there. ;)

In Topic: Is This A 'thread Deadlock'?

25 July 2016 - 10:50 PM

^^ Nice explanation! Thanks man! :)

In Topic: D3D11_Create_Device_Debug Question

25 July 2016 - 10:46 PM

Where are you looking for the debug output? Just in case you're looking in your console window / etc, it only appears in visual studio's 'output' window.
If you're running Windows 7/8, make sure you've installed the Windows 8.0 SDK.
If you're running Windows 10, you need to separately install the debug layer dlls: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/32809169/use-d3d11-debug-layer-with-vs2013-on-windows-10

I actually saw this exact thread yesterday and everything is enabled as per the write up (Win 10 BTW).

And yeah, the VS debug window is where I am looking too. About the only things I ever see are if I have forgotten to release an interface. But prior to this when I was running Windows 8, I used to get a whole gamut of warnings and advice during runtime (for things like mismatched shader inputs etc..).

When you click in "Edit List" button, you will be able to enter your executable, which in turn will un-gray all those options. DarkRonin, you need to experiment more on your own.

Your second sentence is a bit presumptuous and offensive.

In Topic: D3D11_Create_Device_Debug Question

25 July 2016 - 03:25 PM

Yeah, but everything is greyed out. Even if I run as admin.


In Topic: Pixel Shader 'stage Did Not Run'

24 July 2016 - 03:26 PM

Arrgh! Noob mistake. I didn't set the viewport anywhere.

It pays to sleep on it sometimes.

Thanks for all of the suggestions guys. Upvoted each. :)