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Chronic Procrastination > Everything burns eventually

Posted 24 March 2010

I've made some progress since my last blag post. Here is a recent screen shot:

I've done a few thigns;

1) I've put vehicles back in. I took them out while I was refactoring my scene, but its good to be able to speed around and imagine what the finished product will be like.

2) I've added point lights to my render pipeline. These use the traditional...

Chronic Procrastination > Lights from a render list

Posted 02 January 2010

Made some structural changes today to prepare my newly created lighting system for use with the scene.

I've got my system gathering spotlights from a render list and drawing as many as possible in a single pass; it performs quite well with around 50 lights per pass. This render list is gathered by the scene (ill detail my scene system in a later post) but...

Chronic Procrastination > Multiple passes, deferred lighting

Posted 01 January 2010

I've now set up my multiple pass system, using g-buffers for lighting, this means I can render the first pass as a single quad, then use the g-buffers rendered at the same time to perform multiple, far cheaper lighting passes.

Here is a screen shot of the result:

I still dont have properly sorted translucent geometry, but at least its rendered as part...

Chronic Procrastination > g-buffers and ambient pass

Posted 01 January 2010

I wasnt going to go with full blown deferred rendering, so only my lighting pass will be defferred. That is, the first pass (ambient light, sun light / shadow and light / shadow from one or more lightening flashes) will be rendered the old fashioned way; but at the same time as doing this pass, I will generate g-buffers for the second pass to make...

Chronic Procrastination > Spot lights and stuff

Posted 20 December 2009

Today I expanded my shaders / architecture to support more than 1 light per render pass. Its my plan to implement a multipass, forward renderer with some use of seperate buffers. This is my plan for rendering things:

1) Render the geometry albedo with a single directional light w/ shadow map to represent illuminating objects in the sky. The ambient...