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Video Games Cause Kids to SNAP!

12 January 2013 - 09:43 AM

Violent games cause violent behavior is a no win position.


There are alot of very smart people working in games. But I think too many defense mechanisms kick in on this issue particularly when the argument is worded in this typical way. "Violent games cause violence" is designed to cause a bunch of wheel spinning and goings to nowhere.
I prefer to look at the influence of games in the same way as I do the influence of all mass media. There are not only opportunity costs to consuming frivolous media. There IS a learning of concepts that are of dubious value or worse. Money and guns give you dominance and power. Violence solves problems (no blowblack, no real consequences). Diplomacy has little to no value. Empathy is for sissies. Shortcuts ftw. It's not about how you play the game. Winning is all that matters. Points! High scores! The opposition is one dimensionally evil, they are dumb and they are inferior. Civility is weakness. Females are sex objects. Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like Lara? Being and behaving in an intelligent manner is lame. Getting drunk, high or stoned is cool. Turning your brain off and learning to enjoy stupid tv/games/films is good. Get a Roku. Debate is another word for a yelling match where the last man standing wins. Torture gets results. You're not stupid, everyone else is. Stupid only counts if you're broke and powerless. If you're as unsophisticated and stupid as the bum sitting the in the gutter but you have a fat bank account, you are winning. Vice is exciting. Virtue is for idealistic morons who don't understand how the real world works. Etc, etc, etc.
The games industry will never have anything to fear reguarding the "violent games cause kids to snap" argument. It's one of those arguments that will channel us all down a pointless dead-end series of conversations. Go us.
Much of the media we consume, much of the media we make will not result in the betterment of humanity nor the world we live. That's just a fact. Indeed it has helped us all become masters of hypocrisy. Hey brother and sister, consume my mind shaping garbage but if you forget to check in with the personal responsibility region of your brain (you know, that region we were all born with) and you end up ignorant, saddled with vices, mental health issues, etc... well that's on YOU.

BLAME YOURSELF AND YOUR PARENTS because that is who I will be blaming. I had nothing to do with it. Our marketing department didn't hold a gun to your head making you buy our product even though we denied that it would cause you any harm whatsoever and even though we fought tooth and nail against legislation that would force us to label it as such. (Although if we have to, we'll settle for PG-13, R, M for Mature because they don't adequately describe the depths of the harm and the ratings board will just tally up tits and swear words which are heavily discounted because we've all seen and heard them anyway!!! WHeeeeee!) We just wanted to give you enjoyment and this is how you repaid us? Now excuse us while we brush our teeth without gazing at our own reflections in the mirror.
Alas, if only we had all eaten from a tree of knowledge of good and evil and we magically understood in the deepest sense, what made good beneficial and evil destructive. No joy. We have to teach each other.

Capitalisms War on Democracy

19 January 2012 - 04:36 AM

By Hypnotron
Capitalism's War on Democracy (There is no Illuminati)

The pen is mightier than the sword. Put another way, language and communication are mightier than the sword. And it was with words and not cutting weapons, that the world’s oldest democracy was felled. What am I talking about? I’m talking about making left into right, turning up into down, and pointing at the naked emperor in his handsome suit. I’m talking about the Tower of Babel; about confusion and the inherent nature of human beings to confuse and be confused through the use of imprecise language and the redefining of words and phrases.

If it were only a matter of faulty logic, we could expect that the ship would be eventually righted. But faulty language on the other hand, does not usually get corrected unless used during the practice or study of a formal discipline. Faulty language (intentional or otherwise) tends to multiply and spread and corrupt our personal philosophies and weaken our resolve just like a strand of rogue DNA that has stealthily embedded itself into a host and begins to transform that host into a place where it can thrive.

The Tale of Two Liberalisms
Who’s to say exactly when it changed, but it was through the common human practice of hijacking and twisting words and their meanings to suit our own goals and not a global conspiracy, that the word “conservatism” for example, was transformed and became equated with the political philosophy of today’s Republican Party whilst every economist worth his salt knows the Republican philosophy to be in actuality - neoliberalism.

In the United States of America today the right wing political establishment is comprised predominantly of neoliberals. The left wing political establishment is comprised predominantly of embedded liberals (see http://en.wikipedia....dded_liberalism). Conservative politicians, hallmarked by their dedication to reason and rationality and who are not beholden to any particular ideology save democracy, are virtually extinct. Calling the politicians on the left and the right anything other than liberals and neoliberals only serves to confuse us all. Further we should stop associating the common citizen with “the left” or “the right.” The common citizen is not apart of those groups but the media perpetuates the idea that we are.

Both neoliberalism and embedded liberalism advance the tenets of free market capitalism and thus are anti democratic. Unrestrained capitalism and democracy are in fact mutually exclusive systems. The primary difference between neoliberalism and embedded liberalism is that the neoliberals want unrestrained laissez-faire capitalism whereas old school liberals want some regulation to mitigate the socio-economic inequities brought on by unrestrained capitalism. But even this is changing as Democratic Party members in high office are siding with their right wing counterparts on a whole range of issues with increasing frequency.

Unfortunately the right wing politicians won’t come out of the closet and admit to being neoliberals. Many of them may not even be aware that they are neoliberals. But we the people, once we understand and admit to ourselves and each other that conservatism is effectively dead and that only forms of liberalism exist will EVERYTHING (our politics, our news and entertainment media, the global economy) start to make real sense. And it’s only when everything makes sense, that we can decide what to do next for the sake of democracy.

Language Chess – “Support Our Troops”
We will never fix our politics until we communicate with extreme clarity and precision and start calling things by their real names and stop being afraid. For instance, do you support our troops? You do? You support the troops but you do not support the war? Wait, what kind of absurd logic is that? If you do not support a war, do not support the people who enlist to fight it. Do not support the people who do not lay down their arms and refuse to fight. Do not be intimidated by the capitalist media and the two liberal parties into adopting such a slogan. To accept this slogan is to confound your own mind and weaken your resolve in ways that are imperceptible at the time. To accept this slogan is to continue to vote for financing of the war year after year after year. That the neoliberals convinced everyone to accept that slogan was the nail in the coffin for the Anti-Iraq War Movement.

But most progressives and libertarians are using the faulty language proffered by the people they disagree with to characterize or describe what they believe to be the truth. But without having a clearly different language from their opponents, their speech sounds like more hum drum political rhetoric. The faulty language infecting their own has left gaps in their own political philosophy and audiences who are starving for truth listen but know that some things are still not adding up. Because they can’t shake that feeling, some are inclined to believe that a hidden cabal of blue blood reptilians living near the earth’s core is to blame for it all. But it is not so.

Decoder Rings For Everyone
- democracy = socialism
- majority population’s choice = socialist choice.
- freedom = unrestrained free market capitalism (try doing a mental search and replace whenever you hear a mainstream politician use the word “freedom”)

It's not just the other guy. We are all brainwashed. One cannot help but pick up the pro capitalistic language and subsequently the belief system because that language permeates our media and our culture so thoroughly. This fact is evident in our everyday language. We hear frustrated people proclaim “the majority of people are idiots.” It may very well be unconscious, but these sorts of rogue phages persist and spread. We hear people say "the rich contribute more to society” or that "the rich create jobs." They are without even realizing it, speaking in the language of capitalism. It’s a simple language that says every human life must have an economic value or else it has none. This type of language reinforces the ideology of capitalism and necessarily destroys the ideology of democracy. It's also inherently anti-Christian but I digress.

When regular people use the anti democratic language of capitalism, they do so because they don't know any better. They've just bought into the rhetoric even though their purchase will yield them nothing.
Racism and wedge issues are used to scare the disenfranchised whites into forsaking democratic principles. If some of the people voting are not us but "them" and "they" are growing in number, then we must not only vote for the politician who says he's against "them" but we won't even care if he steels an election to do it. Winning is more important than upholding the virtues of democracy. For politicians and capitalists, immigration is not only a source of cheap labor, it's a tool to help weaken democracy by inciting fear and hatred of the "other."

The left and right are good cop / bad copping us all into the destruction of democracy. Democracy is the enemy of capitalism. Freedom (unrestrained capitalism) does not want to have to answer to whiney people complaining about pollution, wages, safety conditions, or any such thing. Wedge issues (racial justice, LGBT rights, abortion, Islam and religion in general, taxes) are never going to go away. They need the wedge issues so they can point to differences between thet wo. These wedge issues are mostly a fraud. Neoliberals don't care about abortion and they don't care about who marries who. But they will use these issues to drive a wedge between segments of the population. But your rights will go away. Bit by bit the pillars of democracy will fall and will be handed over to the capitalists.

If a zebra carcass represents a market, then all the big cats are going to devour the prime parts and the scraps will be left for average people. The only route available for most of us to become a big cat is to be an early pioneer in a new or emerging market (to be in on a fresh zebra kill). Otherwise, unless you hit the lottery or have amazing athletic abilities or amazing looks and can sing and dance or act... you have virtually no hope of becoming a big cat and neither do your children or their children.

There is no illuminati. It's just a bunch of anti-social personality types who think they're better than everyone else by virtue of their position in the world (regardless of how easy getting there was for them thanks to nepotism, cronyism, silver spoons, etc). And what they want is not for the will of the people to be expressed. They want for the will of the $ to be expressed.

$1 == 1 vote. YES
1 individual == 1 vote. NO.

Unrestrained Capitalism can work anywhere there is little or no democracy. And it's working better and better in the United States of America. And capitalism works best for the wealthy and the privileged and the well connected. It doesn't work well if you're at the bottom and lack friends and relatives in high places. It doesn’t work well if you have to depend on public education.

I used to be a fan of public education and it used to be quite good. Unfortunately today a public school education is a sentence upon your child to a lifetime of mediocrity. They control the vertical and the horizontal and your kids future. In an ideal world parents in a neighborhood would pool resources and hire their own private teachers who would grow to know the children they taught on a personal level because they would be teaching them from K thru 8. The teachers would be part of your family. Little House on the Prairie fantasy? Perhaps. But parents who are concerned about their children's well being and future success need to find altneratives to the public school system if at all possible.

Unrestrained free market capitalism will put an end to the tyranny of democracy and instead promise a one world government where wealth, not race or religion or creed is all that matters. The individuals’ votes in elections are irrelevant.

As citizens, we need to do more to promote the virtues of democracy. I believe we can be pro business, pro hard work, pro innovation, without throwing away democracy. Capitalism must be heavily regulated if democracy is to survive. We should have lots of businesses. We should have lots of competition. Limits must be placed upon the publicly held corporations as they are diametrically opposed to democracy and they will always work to undermine it and to corrupt it. Capitalism must be heavily restrained before it destroys democracy completely.

On Campaign Contributions
Political contributions of any kind from any source must be abolished.

Please take your brain off auto-pilot for a moment and stop and think about what a political donation represents no matter how great or small. A political donation is anathema to democracy. It is quite frankly the capitalistic process of electing leaders. It ensures that very few people of integrity run against the scores of those quite willing to whore themselves out. Stop donating to political campaigns.

Citizens United
If corporations cannot independently spend unlimited money to promote or demote political candidates, then at what risk is an entire network like Fox News from being forced to stop political editorializing? It would not even be just Fox News. It would be all political editorializing on public airwaves whether it be Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, O’Reilly, Maddow, Olberman, Malloy, etc.

I’m not a legal expert, but this seems to me to be one of the reasons the Supreme Court voted the way it did in the Citizen’s United case. There are two ways to fix it. Go back to the Fairness Doctrine and do not allow networks to have 24/7/365 political editorializing for one party. Mandate each network to have a proportional mix of shows. Rush can still be Rush, but following his show on the same network would be Olberman's show.

The other solution is to ban political editorializing completely. We would accept that “free speech” does not mean buying a network so that only the wealthy can put forward loud mouths to evangelize their political views. Instead they’d be required to use the public’s airwaves to create C-Span style shows where only elected officials and candidates can be interviewed by a non partisan host, and where the public can call in by phone and be granted air time in proportional numbers by political affiliation to voice their concerns and opinions.

Once you realize that our two party system is comprised of liberals and neoliberals who are advancing capitalism and undermining governments around the world (ours included) which do not allow unrestricted free market capitalism, you can start to successfully make predictions about what will happen in the world. Everything will finally make sense. Predicting the future is easy once you understand the nature of the present. For instance, you could have predicted that candidate Obama would not go on to be a progressive President.

Stencil Buffer for rendering doors/windows through walls

13 October 2011 - 10:04 PM


Currently I'm using the stencil buffer to render holes through arbitrary visible geometry using non visible geometry that serves as the "punch.".

Right now I'm rendering all the stencil geometry at once, then switching and rendering all the targets at once and this results in targets being invisible _IF_ they are looked at through another hole.

Is the only way to fix this to alternate rendering between the associated pairs of source stencil geometry and target geometry? I'd like to avoid the alternating of state changes if possible. Plus my current implementation I dont have to actually maintain references between the specific source stencil geometry and it's target. If i have to alternate then I will have to implement this sort of tracking.

Thanks in advance!


Hitman: Absolution

10 October 2011 - 09:17 PM

a play through for what seems an early level of Hitman: Absolution using their Glacier 2 engine.

[.net] c# scripting - user enums/constants shareable by all user scripts

21 September 2011 - 11:34 AM

I want the user to be able to create enums/constants that are accessible to all of their scripts without them having to just copy and paste them into every single script.

I don't want the host application to define these. I want these to be strictly user land constants that should only make sense to the users' scripts.

1) One way i know would work is to just read in some know file like UserConstants.cs and then insert that code into every user script prior to compiling them, but that seems kludgy.

2) Maybe search for and then compile a file named UserConstants.cs into an assembly and then modify each script prior to compiling it to reference that assembly so that their use of those constants will be recognized. (eg. insert a "using UserConstants;" at the top of their script)

3) some better way? anyone?

EDIT: Currently trying a variation on #2 but instead of modifying the script to including the using statement, setting the UserConstants assembly as a referenced assembly for the loaded script to use.. i think this should work...