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In Topic: Searching for a cheap 3D cloud algorithm

Yesterday, 07:13 AM

Do you need to render all the clouds volumetrically in 5ms? I think MS Flight Sim used to render impostors for clouds more than a certain distance away and only update the impostors with low frequency, probably with the frequency depending inversely on the distance. That way they only had to really render a small subset of the clouds at full volumentric detail each frame, and most of the clouds were billboarded sprites on a low duty cycle update schedule. I guess this depends on how fast your lighting changes and how fast you travel through the clouds. For a real-time flight sim, both of these rates are slow.

In Topic: What kind of performance to expect from real-time particle sorting?

24 September 2014 - 05:10 AM

Further to Hodgman's suggestion of order-independent transparency, this paper might be of interest.



In Topic: Simple 2D lighting effects

17 September 2014 - 02:06 AM

I've been working on a method for real time lighting on pixel art. I've put some videos up on YouTube. Latest one here




I haven't written up my method yet as I'm still finishing up some details, but you can see the idea. I do it by offline rendering various normal, material and occlusion maps into my sprite sheet alongside the diffuse colour, then doing similar to a 3D deferred renderer but using the 2D sprites to populate the geometry buffer. It supports dynamic point lights and directional lights so far.


It's a bit similar to the Gamasutra article I guess (though that article hadn't come out when I started working on it.)

In Topic: Best Game Engine for a beginner?

21 June 2014 - 05:50 AM

To address one of your questions that hasn't been mentioned: UE4 can certainly do more than just shooters. In fact some of the standard templates and tutorial content address other game types, like card games for mobile for example.


Spending a few dollars on UE4 for a month will give you an eye-opening look at the scope and sophistication of a full professional engine. Even if you end up choosing another option, the education alone is well worth the investment.

In Topic: Your first completed game

16 May 2014 - 01:58 PM

My first completed and released game is an Asteroids clone, complete with retro style graphics and blippy sound effects. You can download it for free from our site www.mugsgames.com and some info about Brikt, the game that's under development right now. What did I learn from making it? Honestly, the most useful thing was how to manage the project to completion. Even a small personal project (which this was, really) takes a surprising amount of discipline to complete. That lesson is more valuable than anything technical that came out of Stroids.