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In Topic: Use BackBuffer as Texture Input

07 November 2012 - 07:15 AM

Hey thanks!

ok, when I think about it seems logical to me now Posted Image

You can't do this directly as you would be both reading from and writing to the same GPU-side resource at the same time, so you have two main options.

Of course I would read the background, warp it and then render the front of the object on top of it. Doing that at the same time can´t work on a logical level... did not quite see that before Posted Image

I guess I will go with the framebuffers then, no problem at all when post effects are applied (at some point in the future). They need offscreen buffers anyway.


In Topic: [java] Deploying to I Pad

07 September 2011 - 02:20 PM

Hi CaptainJester - I probably will !

If LWJGL works on Android thats great news. I have a fair chance then to get my framework working as well. I looked into LWJGL, but chose to "roll my own" ™, to keep in control of things :wink:.

Anyhow I would be interested how LWJGL was compiled for Android. If you could give me a pointer to compilers/development tools that would be awesome!


In Topic: [java] Deploying to I Pad

26 August 2011 - 06:56 PM

just a set of arbitrary rules imposed by the only gatekeeper that matters.

Yes exactly seems pretty arbitrary to me :blink: Possibly they fear the bundled vm could be manipulated to run any non-packaged code, or something like that.

iOS will, eventually (which may be next year) move towards merging the desktop and mobile markets.

Hmm, I fear this isn´t exactly good news concerning the openess of the apple computer platform.

Recently there was a discussion on project management. One of huge mistakes developers make is sunk cost fallacy.

If you want to monetize your game, then port it and earn hard cash.

I see that... but I like the project the way it is. It has turned out nice - it was a little work to setup java with c++, but overall it does me good. I can think of an obj-c port,
when I have accomplished something with my work, but at the moment I should really concentrate on moving on, otherwise I won´t get done anything. I am already developing
every tiny bit by myself and thats so extremly time consuming - I just have to concentrate on results by now.

Of course I think of some monetization and reaching the right audience. Don´t want to get rich, but maybe finance quarter/half of month salary or something like that. Just a dream of going indie...

Otherwise, accept that current project isn't viable on iOS.

Right, thats a bit sad. But maybe there will be alternatives in a year or two - I hope so.

Thanks for clearing that up,

In Topic: [java] Deploying to I Pad

26 August 2011 - 11:28 AM

Use Obj-C. "It's not a big deal".

When it was not clear from my first post: I have already heavy invested in the java platform. When I started work on the project, the I-Pad most likely didn´t even exist as a concept. Using
Obj-C is just not an option. Although it is based on smalltalk, which is good, it is a niche solution forced on to the developers by apple. No point in rewriting a non trivial codebase.

So its not about proving anything. I just want to know, if there is any way to release on i-pad. Technically there is no problem at all. It is all about Apples proprietary business model.

Which will further complicate issues.

C/C++ is legal on the I-Pad.
gcj would produce code that is possibly undistinguishable von "normal" C/C++. just
searching for options here.

>You cannot deploy via AppStore, which is the only way such applications can be distributed.
Thats sad. I guess the conditions are different to the MacOS AppStore. Here is a solution for Mono
But I guess its not valid for i-pad.

Such applications cannot be realistically distributed so they defeat the purpose.

As I said my project is older than the i-pad and in these times java was a totally viable option on maxosx.

In Topic: ETA for a from scratch 3d GFX engine?

22 March 2011 - 04:13 PM


I have been starting totally from scratch and use only basic library functions like font rendering, lists, hash maps and opengl of course..
I do this as a hobby next to my student job and studies. It took 3 years + and I am at the point, that I have a simple scene graph and can utilize many "modern" functions like glsl, multi pass materials, render to texture, vertex buffers. Many things are missing like collision detection, HDR, environment mapping, deferred lighting. Some of these are likely to be never implemented. I concentrate on characters on the moment as this is part of my diploma thesis: markerless motion capture.

Hardware progress is running forward and I play catch up ;)

I have by no means reached my goal, so prepare for a lot of work, reading and thinking. Maybe its more clever to specialize on a certain aspect and implement that, rather than doing
it "right" and implement an engine with full generic capability.

You need to be patient and put lots of work in it.

Actually I don´t know if i will ever finish a game, but it has taught me so much, I might eventually get a job in the field, at least have some chances.

I continue nevertheless...