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Been 4 month since I've Programmed when I try I feel like Marvin sounds from the Hi...

05 January 2016 - 01:03 AM

The last time I went to program Visual studio failed to start and needed a repair the time I did that I felt so drained and left it. Now its been like 3 month and I still feel that way. Is that the end of video game programming for me. Oh.


Well in that time I have found new things to waste my time on lol. I made a  Hard drive generator and a tesla turbine the whole project was fun. the poor HDD really takes a beating. 

Oh and before anyone say There's no free energy there's not This is not about free foobar, it was about testing the concept of the boundary layer and it sees sound, one thing its has no torque may be more disc's can gain torque, This projects now done with and I'm thinking of making a steam boiler.

YouTube has some good samples.

Any way here is some movies of the HDD tesla turbine in action.first, 80psi, 100psi, PC fan 100psi.

Mind your sound loud noise. 

Any How Here's To Programming.

Is this a percentage problem Difference of 9 to 34

22 December 2015 - 11:55 PM

Hey all.


I have two values I've measured one before change and one after change.


the first value is 9 and the second value is 34



Is it 9 is what percentage of 34 = Percentage Difference 9 and 34 = 116,279%

 (9 - 34)/((9 + 34)/2) = 25/21.5 = 1.1627906976744 = 116.27906976744%


Percentage of increase = (9 - 34)/9 = 25/9 = 2.7777777777778 = 277.77777777778%

34 is a 227.777% increase of 9


227 seem to high.

Rising sea's

04 December 2015 - 04:02 PM

There saying global warming is increasing sea levels. What about the volcano making a new island it's displacing water. New large ships displace water. China making a island displaces lots of water. Where losing water not the other way around. More like smog from china is blocking the heat in. Why are humans shitting in there environment what for cash. Looks like it's about to pop. No air to breath nothing wrong there hey WTF. Can some one please explain to me why.

Why do they have. What number fits in the blank

25 November 2015 - 03:13 AM

Ya. Went for a job interview and they give me some What's number fit's in the blank.  What good it that to anyone.

I can never get them things lol. To me They just look like numbers who cares. I've written 2 real time RTS multiplayer game in my time. So how could they even comprehend any thing from a dumb ass number thingy.


The guy next to me put 23 I left it blank.

Is it normal for texture coordinate scaling to Slow down pixel shader

08 November 2015 - 10:24 PM


I found a bottle neck or some thing.

When I scale the text coords say by 22.3 in the pixel shader(4) per channel(R, G, B, A). The frame per millisecond increases by 80 milliseconds.

the texture size's are 512x512.


this is from the pixel shader.

float3 c0 = gTex0.Sample(Tex0S, In.tiledTexC * gTexScaleRed).rgb;


Ah. good time to have a thought, Why not pass the 4 calculated text coord to the PS(input in add 4 more value. I'll try that now.


That got me 1 millisecond.


What other things could I do in here to improve performance.


	PS_OUTPUT pout;

//float4 diffuse = gBlendMap.Sample(BlendMapS, In.nonTiledTexC );
	// Kill transparent pixels.
//	clip(diffuse.a - 0.15f);

    //float3 c0 = gTex0.Sample(Tex0S, In.tiledTexC * gTexScaleRed).rgb;
   // float3 c1 = gTex1.Sample(Tex1S, In.tiledTexC * gTexScaleGreen).rgb;
    //float3 c2 = gTex2.Sample(Tex2S, In.tiledTexC * gTexScaleBlue).rgb;
    //float3 c3 = gTex3.Sample(Tex3S, In.tiledTexC * gTexScaleAlpha).rgb;

	float3 c0 = gTex0.Sample(Tex0S, In.tiledTexC).rgb;
    float3 c1 = gTex1.Sample(Tex1S, In.tiledTexCGreen).rgb;
    float3 c2 = gTex2.Sample(Tex2S, In.tiledTexCBlue).rgb;
    float3 c3 = gTex3.Sample(Tex3S, In.tiledTexCAlpha).rgb;

//shadow stuff
	float shadowFactor = CalcShadowFactor( In.projTexC);

// Blendmap is not tiled.
   float4 B = gBlendMap.Sample(BlendMapS,In.nonTiledTexC).rgba;//tex2D(BlendMapS, nonTiledTexC).rgb;

   // Find the inverse of all the blend weights so that we can
   // scale the total color to the range [0, 1].
   float totalInverse = 1.0f / (B.r + B.g + B.b + B.a);
    // Scale the colors by each layer by its corresponding weight
    // stored in the blendmap.  
    c0 *= B.r * totalInverse;
    c1 *= B.g * totalInverse;
    c2 *= B.b * totalInverse;
    c3 *= B.a * totalInverse;

    // Sum the colors and modulate with the shade to brighten/darken.
   float3 texColor = ((c0 + c1 + c2 + c3) * (In.shade * shadowFactor ))  ;

 //projected text pos stuff
 // Complete projection by doing division by w.
	In.DecalprojTexC.xyz /= In.DecalprojTexC.w;

	// Points outside the light volume are in shadow.
	if( In.DecalprojTexC.x < -1.0f || In.DecalprojTexC.x > 1.0f || 
	    In.DecalprojTexC.y < -1.0f || In.DecalprojTexC.y > 1.0f )
		//texColor *= 1.5f;
			// Transform from NDC space to texture space.
			In.DecalprojTexC.x = +0.5f*In.DecalprojTexC.x + 0.5f;
			In.DecalprojTexC.y = -0.5f*In.DecalprojTexC.y + 0.5f;
			float2 texelPos = In.DecalprojTexC.xy;//input.projTexC.xy;
			// Sample projected tex map. 
			float4 s0 = gDecalProjectiveMap.Sample(gDecalProjectiveSam, texelPos);
			//clip if black
			if(s0.a > 0.15f)// 
				//blend the 2 images
				//return lerp(float4(texColor, 0.5f), s0, 0.8f);//gDecalToDiffuseBlendAmt);
				pout.RGBColor     = lerp(float4(texColor, 0.5f), s0, 0.8f);
				pout.RGBColor1  =  float4(s0.rgb * 0.2,0.5);//pout.RGBColor;
				return pout;
			//else texColor *= 0.2f;
	}//end in the projection

pout.RGBColor     = (float4(texColor, 1.0f));
pout.RGBColor1  =  float4(0,0,0,1);//pout.RGBColor;
return pout;