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GDC 2011 > Keep it Together: Encouraging Cooperative Behavior During Co-Op Play

Posted 03 March 2011

Patrick Redding, of Ubisoft Montreal, has formerly worked on Far Cry 2 (ie, best first-person game), previously directed the co-op component of Splinter Cell: Conviction. He is now the game director at the new Ubisoft Toronto studio. He started by making a distinction between player cooperation as opposed to systemic...

GDC 2011 > GDC 2011: Day 3

Posted 03 March 2011

Day 3 started, much like Day 2, at 5:00am, because for some reason I'm under the false assumption that I should continue waking up at my normal time all week.

That is a poor...

GDC 2011 > The Failure Workshop

Posted 02 March 2011

Kyle Gabler opens the failure workshop with the story about a game entitled "Robot and the Cities That Built Him" which was to be a project based off of a seven day experimental gameplay project. "Because we're game developers, we started by making a bunch of different units," he said. "This is...

GDC 2011 > GDC 2011 Keynote: Video Games Turn 25

Posted 02 March 2011

Satoru Iwata started his keynote by highlighting the worries of developers in the development community concerned with job security.

"You are the center of the video game universe," he said to the...

GDC 2011 > GDC 2011: Day 2

Posted 02 March 2011

Before anyone asks: there is no GDC 2011 - Day 1 post. Well, there may be somewhere, but I didn't write it. GDC 2011 - Day 1 entailed me getting into San Francisco fairly late, grabbing dinner and beer with some bros, and then pretty promptly heading to sleep. At 8:30pm local time....