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#4149810 Pirate_Lord's Thread

Posted by on 30 January 2008 - 03:23 PM

I'm closing this thread due to its inane amount of material and Pirate_Lord's inability to differentiate between 'to' and 'too.' Pirate_Lord, you're going to get a surprising PM from me.

Also I disagree with almost everything you wrote on a fundamental level and I will enjoy discussing it when you post your articles individually at a place of my choosing.

Finally, the reason that Gamasutra would never print "They Can't Be Serious" is because I, nor I imagine Gamasutra nor its readers, give a crap. People aren't not reading your 200+ page design document because they aren't serious about their craft. They're not reading your 200+ page design document because no one wants to waste their time with what is, clearly, tripe in electronic paper form. If someone can't explain their design document to me in a summarized form, then they either don't know what the hell left from right is or they have an overly strong and prescient opinion of themselves which is manifested in their design document. A design document is not a Book of Lore, it's a gameplay documentation. Planescape: Torment's design document is under 75 pages, from what I recall, and that was a document given to a professional team that had already begun work on their project in some form. It's also absolutely hilarious. Yours, however, is about as funny as a stump. A very unfunny stump. A Hillary Clinton stump.

mittens hugmuffins.