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In Topic: [personal] one of my games passed greenlight, first time ever :)

Today, 04:32 AM

Congrats ! smile.png

In Topic: To mirror or not to mirror?

24 July 2015 - 12:18 AM

What about something like a shell ejection port on a gun? I would use the mirror first, then apply the modifier, and then put the ejection port on the proper side, correct?

Yep, this would work, thought if it is possible to separate this part of the model, then I would keep the mirrored part as long as possible. Applying fixes to the models once you have applied the modifier will be harder. You can stich the model together later.

In Topic: My First Scene 3d Pokèmon Used Unity 3d

23 July 2015 - 11:13 PM

But if you do see one, Nintendo will probably take it down.



If you put too much passion into this, the disappointment will be really great. I would recommend to move away from the franchise and think about developing your own game universe. What is so interesting in Pokemon, that you love it ? What features are annoying ? What are cool characters you can think of  ?

In Topic: To mirror or not to mirror?

23 July 2015 - 11:02 PM

I am just starting out with modeling in blender and I am making hand guns mostly. I am wondering if mirroring is the best way to go when working. If I use a mirror, I am restricted to the x and y axis in terms of being able to move the model around. Is there anyway to make an object with a mirror and then get rid of it later on without losing the other side? 

Do you mean the mirror-modifier ? Then yes, it is often the best and fastest way to start with mirror modelling. If you want to add some asymmetrically features you can just add it as separate model. Later on, you can "apply" the modifier, that will remove the mirror-modifier and the mirrored vertices are added to the model. Best to keep the mirror modifier as long as possible. It is even possible that, when exporting your model, that all modifiers are automatically applied.

In Topic: About skeletal animation (retargeting and other stuff)

22 July 2015 - 10:29 PM

I wouldn't sugguest to do retargeting yourself. Use a animation/modelling tool like blender for it. Automatically retargeting is really hard to get right (if it works at all), Chris Heckler used a procedural animation system with retargeting in Spore, but this will be a lot of work to get right.


To retarget a skeleton more effective you should not animate the bone directly. Instead you use a second set of bones and many constrains. Basically it works like a puppeteer, you have bones which deform your model (the one which will be used in your game later) and you have bones which controls these deformation bones. So instead of animating the whole leg, you have only one or two foot control bones which will manipulate the whole leg. Here's a good tutorial about using a second layer of control bones.