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#5211355 How to create a team around an existing project?

Posted by Ashaman73 on 18 February 2015 - 12:12 AM

First, congratulations on surviving this far. 4+ years of focus is in short supply.

This sounds like the Long Term Game Devs Anonymous (LTGDA) happy.png


Finding like-minded individuals willing to work for free on software is very hard. Many people won't find a perfect fit, and when you do, it might be just 1 person. Bottom line is that chemistry is hard to get right. Now, enforcing your 'baby' to other people makes it harder, but not impossible.

This... I've tried to gather more people to support my game projects, but from 6 attempts, only one, an old school friend, is the only one who stick to the development for more then 6 month (already a few years biggrin.png ). It get even harder if you try to get support for an already existing game.


Here're some tips from my experiences

1. Reduce the requirements for content creation !mellow.png

2. Try to do 3d modelling yourself (helps alot to overcome the art gaps).

3. Reduce the requirements for content creation !wink.png

4. After reducing the requiments, free content or inexpensive content gets attractive.

5. Reduce the requirements for content creation !tongue.png

6. Invest some money and buy stuff, after reducing your requirements, it isn't too expensive.


Really, being able to code some super cool PBR engine is okay, but it hinders you more to create interesting content than it helps...

#5211166 Roguelike combat system

Posted by Ashaman73 on 17 February 2015 - 07:47 AM

This is already a good start:

h' = h - d

well, I would add a health scaling s like this

h' = (h*s-d)/s 
   = h - d/s

This means, that during the attack the health is virtually increased. E.g. a scaling value of 1.01 means, that the attack is executed vs 101% of the target health value.

Now you are able to define an armor value as X armor points mean a scaling of (100+X) or you can define it as ratio between attack and defense:

armor a is a value of >0
s = (100+a)/100

attack a>0 and defense d>0
s = (d+1)/(a+1)

Then just use different scales for different damage types, the armor variance could be used for magic resistence or piercing damage(ranged), whereas the attack/defense variance (where the weared armor is added to the defense value) could be used for melee.

#5211140 Making small ideas work

Posted by Ashaman73 on 17 February 2015 - 03:05 AM

My favorite games are Dota 2 by far then Starcraft 2, Diablo, TF2, Dishonored, Metal Gear Solid or old stuff like Doom and so on...

Here is your answer...

Games like Dota or TF started as mods (others: DayZ,Natural Selection etc.), using an existing game, existing mechanism, existing community, existing art to start from and shape a completely new game. Utilize this to create a game which would be otherwise impossible for a single developer.

#5211127 Different factions or different units

Posted by Ashaman73 on 17 February 2015 - 01:13 AM

What would you prefer?

What would you prefer as game designer ?


As player it is more interesting to have different factions, but on the other hand it is an absolute balancing hell. And balancing is frustrating for the game designer and the player as well. And even, in a perfect world, if you have a balanced game, many player would feel cheated by virtual inbalance nevertheless.


If you take a look at the oldest competive games in the world, sport matches or chess, then you don't have any faction dependent advantages/disadvantages, it just boils down to player skill and training. The same could be said about MOBAs, no faction dependent advantages, yet you have a high degree of variance through different champions.


So, I don't prefer any of your options, because I believe, that you can create an interesting game from each of them.

#5210462 best and fastest way to understand a code written by some one else

Posted by Ashaman73 on 13 February 2015 - 07:21 AM

Some tips:

1. I would check for dead code first. Often whole code branches are obsolete or unused, but not removed.

2. Check for logical cluster/modules/subsystems. There will be most likely known systems like nav-graph/waypointsystem, steering, A*, bht. Try to identify these sub-systems.

3. Top-down, identify first the hi-level AI structure, then go down into the deep.

4. Test'n'try: do you think, that you have understood some code/logic ? Then test it, change the code, debug it, just to tighten your knowledge.

5. Code is art ! Every artist has his own style and looking at an other art style will look strange first. Try to get the hang of the previous style helps a lot to understand the whole code.

6. If the code looks erroneous and looks like it should never work at all, then the chances are great, that you oversee something. Always view the context in which code runs.

7. Talk to your team, 40k of code which evolves over a larger period, can't be understood in a week. It is much easier to identify concrete functionality or problems first and learn by doing.

#5210457 Is it possible to release a game in a year, even if you just started learning...

Posted by Ashaman73 on 13 February 2015 - 06:36 AM

The big companies like Crytek and Epic Games offering packages at an affordable price (for many) and they make it look like any John Doe from the streets can sit down and create a game in no time.

It is always funny to see people thinking, that having a top engine is enough to make a game. Yep, the golden hammer is enough to build a house in no time...right...rolleyes.gif

#5210423 Just starting out: Opinions on things like GameMaker?

Posted by Ashaman73 on 13 February 2015 - 01:35 AM

I think that you are on the right track: you want to create a game, right, not an engine or a graphics demo ? You are a rookie coder, right ?


Then use the tools you are familar with and not your friend favorits. At the time where the tools are limiting your skills or vision, eg. you are a skilled artist who is able to push out photo-realistic models on a daily base, then thinking about using an engine which is able to render this, would be more useful.


Otherwise stick to GameMaker and create your games smile.png


You often see hobby devs taking top, modern engines and desperately trying to get their hands on art which justify the use of these engines all the time, eventually leaving them with an unfinished,abandoned graphics demo.

#5210420 Aliens as citizens of the Empire?

Posted by Ashaman73 on 13 February 2015 - 12:43 AM

I was thinking and the most logical would be to assimilate them into Empire as lower status citizens.

For me this has some kind of bitter aftertaste.


I think that there are other, more modern ways to handle this. Like a big ferderation with autonomous members which have different attributes. Like loyality, economic power, military power. The releation of a member to your empire/federation could be well-disposed, aspirant, loyal, core member etc. which imply different advantages to the federation and to the member itself.

#5210238 Does draw calls number always matter?

Posted by Ashaman73 on 12 February 2015 - 04:19 AM

Here's a recent thread, where the number of draw calls is discussed.




(I bet that measurement of how many nanoseconds draw call takes will not show me correct result)?

Yep, this is only the time the driver needs to take over your rendering command,the real performance hit on the GPU side is harder to measure.

#5210204 Do you guys make game design document for a flash game?

Posted by Ashaman73 on 12 February 2015 - 12:21 AM

However I still find it complex to write a document.

There's too much to write and it feels like it's never going to be completed.

Well, what would happen if you would code like this ? Likely the same thing, thought it would hurt a lot more, because refactoring/expanding code all the time is really painful.


Don't finding an end is called feature creep. Best to set yourself a limit, like 2 month on the design document core idea, then stop adding features and only polish it for an other month (or weeks or days or years, depends on scope wink.png ). Then take it as it is, because better/other ideas will come up all the time.

#5210042 About Developer job in Germany

Posted by Ashaman73 on 11 February 2015 - 09:32 AM

I believe so too but down here things are getting out of control and there is nothing an individual can do.

Sad to hear sad.png , statistically germany is one of the safest countries in the world, eg. according to wiki the homicite rate is

Brazil 25.2

USA 4.7

Germany 0.8




Well I do have a 4 year Computer Science degree but I don´t know if that´s valid over there. I hope it is.

Use this here to get a rough estimation of your degree:



There is no formal treaty between the Brazilian Ministry of Education and the European Union's Bologna process. The following are rough comparisons:

  • the European First Cycle would correspond to the Brazilian undergraduate degrees of bacharelado, licenciatura, and tecnologia. The Brazilian "Bachelor’s degree" takes 3 to 6 years to complete,[11] which usually includes a written monograph or a final project; a European "Bachelor’s degree" can be completed in 3 years, after which many enroll in a 1 or 2-year-long "Master's degree" in the Bologna process. When comparing the former European national systems to the Brazilian system, the Brazilian "Bachelor’s degree" would be equivalent to the old German Diploma, the Italian Laurea, or the French "Magistère", "Mastère" or "Diplôme des Grandes Ecoles".
  • the Second Cycle in the Bologna process would correspond to the Brazilian Master's degree, which usually takes 1 to 2 years to complete [12] and a "lato sensu postgraduate" degree, which requires the minimum of 360 hours of instruction.
  • the Third Cycle in the Bologna process would be equivalent to the Brazilian Doctoral degree.

Eg I have the German Diploma which is more or less the common standard degree in computer science as software developer (for older software developers tongue.png ).



I wish you good luck smile.png

#5210015 About Developer job in Germany

Posted by Ashaman73 on 11 February 2015 - 06:59 AM

The general impression I have is that it´s a very nice place, safe and with a strong economy.

I would sign this, thought the weather is often a mix of rainy/misty, almost the whole year sad.png.




what range of salary I should be expecting (for a dev with 4-5 years of relevant experience)?

This is really hard to tell, salary differs a lot between company, role and on negotiation. The game industry isn't as strong as other industries in germany. Salary as software developer could be as low as € 25k (no degree), on the other hand you could start with € 50k+ per year.

Taxes (~20-30%), insurrance(~8%), social costs(~10%) etc. will be around 30-50% commision.

Hamburg  is one of the larger german cities and you will need to pay around  € 9 per squaremeter for a rent + some additional costs, so renting a small apartment(~30squaremeters) will costs around € 350-400. Thought there's an university in hamburg, so you have good chances to join a shared apartment if you want to decrease the costs for an apartment.



what kind of benefits are commonly offered by German companies

For common employees the german law includes atleast 26 paid leave days, health insurrance, paid statutory holydays.

#5210002 Copyrights question

Posted by Ashaman73 on 11 February 2015 - 05:56 AM

So, do I need permissions or some kind of license, to use the story even if I point the story owner ?

Most likely you need a license if you want to use the story, characters etc. in your game. Take a look at JRR Tolkin Lord of the Ring, what would happen if you just make a game based on Lord of the Ring, a very large business which earns a lot of money by just selling the licenses ? Even if your manga is not quite as popular as LotR or is even used by others already, it is still copyright infringement if you use the story or parts of it, without permission.

#5209998 Is it possible to release a game in a year, even if you just started learning...

Posted by Ashaman73 on 11 February 2015 - 05:42 AM

There are 7days challenges where whole games are created by single persons within a week, and there are game projects with more than 100 people working for several years without delivering a working prototype. So, it all depends on the scope, goal and experiences.


Yes it is possible, but the greatest danger for your game project is, that you are too inexperienced to choose the right scope.wink.png

#5209975 field of view

Posted by Ashaman73 on 11 February 2015 - 04:07 AM

Do you mean field of view or depth of field ? FOV isn't that hard...