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Felipe Lira

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#4838015 Game Crash upon accessing files in Release Configuration

Posted by on 20 July 2011 - 10:15 AM

I've found out the problem but still don't know the reason. It was due to a project configuration. At some point in my development I had a warning complaining "msvcrt.lib" conflicting with other library. So I added it to "Ignore Specific Default Library" and Ta Da! It worked. The weird thing is that Debug has the same ignore and doesn't crash.

Another odd fact that happens is that the link fails when "Use Link Time Code Generation" option is activated. I can only link with "No Whole Program Optimization". The link fails regarding FTGL calls. Maybe it has something to do with name mangling since one of FTGL dependecies is truetype, which was compiled on C.

I don't know. My programming skills are too short for this problem. Maybe you could give me some tips or recommend a reading.

Thanks for all the support. You rock.