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Mobile Forum Navigation

23 December 2012 - 11:12 AM

I searched the forum a bit and didn't see this mentioned, so I appologize if this might be covered elsewhere already.

Anyway, I tend to like to lurk on the forums, and I usually don't bother logging in to do so, and I've noticed that in the mobile version of the site (I'm on an android phone), when I click (tap) on a topic, I am brought to the very bottom of the very end of the topic. Which is where I might want to be when I want to post on a topic, but how could I before reading even the originating post? The result is that I navigate to a topic, and then must scroll to the top of the page to start reading. If the topic is multiple pages long, then I must manually navigate from the end of the last page of the topic to the first page. Does this make sense?

I just expect that when I go into a topic that I will be brought to the beginning of it, otherwise, wouldn't the entire page be organized in reverse?

Thoughts? Maybe I'm just clicking in the wrong place? I use the site on my desktop more often than not, so it could be me I suppose.

Feedback for Game Idea

14 January 2008 - 05:33 AM

I'm working on a simple idea for a short game, and would like some feedback. I also have a specific question. But, first, here is what I have so far: Summary: A world-wide invasion of your home planet is impending, and you are aiding the evacuation of a city. Traveling across the city, you must protect fellow citizens from harm while leading them to safety. Your destination is a space ship prepared for escaping the planet. Notes: - The destination space ship must be hidden or secret in some way. Possibly under ground or sea or ice. Implementation: FPS through a Source Engine mod (this is my first game project). Now, my question is which idea do you like better: 1) Not-too-distant future, the invasion is of Earth, and is by aliens. 2) Distant future, the invasion is of the "rebel" colony world Athena, and is by Sol system's government forces. I'm also seeking any constructive suggestions/thoughts/comments/ideas. Thanks in advance.