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#5164833 I've got problems with interviews

Posted by on 04 July 2014 - 09:03 PM

This doesn't just sound like you don't know specific things like the linked list loop problem. It sounds like you don't place much value in understanding more than whatever it takes to get your code to run. That doesn't make you a person who I would want to work with.



Its the bad interviewing methods of the industry that is killing my skills,


Originally I was top a class programmer. Then I had a break lasting several months (supposed yo be a temporal quit - due to family issues). Then I couldn't get in any more.


But I still kept up by developing great personal projects (a RT 3D photographic scanner- for example), Except that through the years, as I concentrated more on development, My theoretical rehearsing stop, that affected interviews.  My coding skills remained top class at first until i'm forced to work outside the industry 9 hours a day, 5/6 days a week (in a retail, restaurant - find it boring, not my calling), and now, after some few years of that , even my programming skills (and analysis skills) is now starting to get extremely rusty.


Its a chain effect that I wouldn't wish on my enemy


Yes, now i realise the solution was extremely simple, but i was attending to the forum during breaks in my long shift, was tired, lacked patience...  if I'd known my judgement would be affected that much i would have waited for my day-off 

#5164629 iterator output not in sync

Posted by on 03 July 2014 - 01:43 PM

I do apologise 

   Wooh, rip-off, DeafManNoEars, BitMaster, Lasctose  et al


It did work with the correct behaviour with Wooh exact code


I dont know what mistakes i made originally that caused the errors that i observed the first times i tried it, I must overwritten some other code


My apologies and many thanks

#5163765 I've got problems with interviews

Posted by on 29 June 2014 - 11:26 PM

if you really detect a pattern in your interviews you should treat it just as you treat any other programming problem you have solved: work on it.

Sadly you cannot make the rules, even if you think the rules are stupid, you either play by the rules or stay in KFC.

I can assure you that once you get hired the first time everything becomes easier.

It should be quite easy to find these kind of interview-like tests on the internet.. force yourself to work on these 1 hour a day and eventually you will get better and land your software dev job... I am sure it'll also widen your horizons and give you different perspectives on things in the process.


You are perfectly right! as tough as that sounds you are damn right!!!


Probably 4 hours a day instead bcus  i need to fast-track myself away from the fried chicken job

#5163478 I've got problems with interviews

Posted by on 28 June 2014 - 12:25 PM

I've got serious problems with interviews ( I live in the UK ...  not sure if my experience is the same for those in the US or else where)


When i was in university over 13 years ago i practice code and definitions on paper - mainly to pass exams


But since leaving uni i coded straight to my computer....  because i code to develop projects (not to pass exams), and with advanced IDEs such as eclipse i can concentrate on developing algorithm. Of course i do analysis on paper - vector maths, algorithms, data-user interactions, image processing, rough pseudo-code  analysis... on paper. But never proper coding and never definitions because its never been necessary for my code to work. I get the full picture writing the code direct to my computer.


And i don't need to rehearse concepts in English because i know it. My focus can momentarily shift from a concept (depending on what i'm currently working on) and there are so many... but i can easily reference anything when i need it.


I don't even have to memorise definitions to get complicated code to work.


simple example: don't know the definition of anonymous inner class but i have used it b4 because once i see an example of how its used, i have always used it. My description of how i use didn't cut it with them, I have to define it using some key words. 

Ok now with hindsight i can describe it better.  But my using it wouldn't necessarily improve and next time it would be something else


In my opinion core algorithm development on computer (not on paper) should be the best way to test the competence and intelligence of a developer 


Yet whenever i go for an interview every time again and again and again (despite pre-asking to be tested by writing code to computer) i kept being tested by definitions and crossword-puzzle kind of coding questions on paper (where i can't get- in non-trivial situations- a full picture of the problem)


Then someone calls me dumb... because i scored 6/50

They don't even consider my portfolio-projects - taking the so-called test to over-rule my portfolio 


Now i'm forced to work in KFC to pay my bills


Why do employers insist on this way of assessing programmers?

Why are they so naive?

What's the experience of others (not if you a boss your-self) on this forum?  

#5019662 looking for gl function that returns surface color

Posted by on 09 January 2013 - 04:49 PM

This might seem simple but i just cant find the answer:- in opengl es (fixed function) lets say u texture map a bitmap to a regular polygon- so the bitmap is now stretched and thus relative position of the color points on the rectangle is different from original bitmap- is there is a way ... I mean a gl. function that- if given the x,y coord on the rectangle surface relative to say the top left rectangle coord as a parameter- will return the colour of that point? Many thanks in advance

#4901315 tutorial offline installs sites and good open es

Posted by on 10 January 2012 - 09:21 AM

I came across a number of sites that seem to allow offline install. But they end up need some form of online connection. I need help with link to offline SDK downloads for android install. I need to install the following completely offline. Its practically not possible for me to install directly to my computer..... Any help with effective links?

Linux offline install preferred (or if windows where linux download is impossible to get hold of)
Java JDK
Android SDK
Eclipse classic
Eclipse C++ IDE
ADT plugin for eclipse

Examples of a 3d development written with only C++ and
OpenGL ES tutorials (not Jayway team blog – gets stuck when I try to scroll up/down)