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Journal of Ysaneya > Tech Demo Video 2010

Posted 04 May 2010

It's been many years since the release of the last video showcasing the seamless planetary engine, so I'm happy to release this new video. This is actually a video of the game client, but since there's little gameplay in it, I decided to label it as a "tech demo". It demonstrates an Earth-like planet with a ring, seamless transitions, a little spaceship (...

Journal of Ysaneya > ASEToBin 1.0 release

Posted 06 October 2009

Finally, the long awaited ASEToBin 1.0 has been released !

ASEToBin is a tool that is part of the I-Novae engine ( Infinity's engine ). It allows contributors and artists to export their model from 3DS Max's .ASE file format and to visualize and prepare the 3D model for integration into the game.

This new release represents more or less 200 hours of work,...

Journal of Ysaneya > Tip of the day: logarithmic zbuffer artifacts fix

Posted 20 August 2009

Logarithmic zbuffer artifacts fix

In cameni's Journal of Lethargic Programmers, I've been very interested by his idea about using a logarithmic zbuffer.

Unfortunately, his idea comes with a couple of very annoying artifacts, due to the linear interpolation of the logarithm (non-linear) based formula. It particularly shows on thin or huge triangles...

Journal of Ysaneya > Seamless filtering across faces of dynamic cube map

Posted 19 August 2009

Tip of the day

Anybody who tried to render to a dynamic cube map probably has encountered the problem of filtering across the cube faces. Current hardware does not support filtering across different cube faces AFAIK, as it treats each cube face as an independent 2D texture (so when filtering pixels on an edge, it doesn't take into account the texels...

Journal of Ysaneya > Audio engine and various updates

Posted 08 July 2009

In this journal, no nice pictures, sorry :) But a lot to say about various "small" tasks ( depending on your definition of small. Most of them are on the weekly scale ). Including new developments on the audio engine and particle systems.

Audio engine
As Nutritious released a new sound pack ( of an excellent quality! ) and made some sample...